Homeschool Day 2

Y’all. I’m not going to pretend like all things are good. This is hard. It is stressful. It’s just a big, unexpected change, for all of us. But here are some things that helped today:
Zoom calls. We all hopped on to a call that anybody in our school could hop on this morning to say good morning. Then Josie got to have a call with her class.
“Homemade” chocolate pudding (it was the kind from a box, y’all, topped with some out of the freezer off brand cool whip…but my kids thought I was a gourmet chef, LOL).
We are learning what works, slowly. I’m learning I need to lower my expectations. Especially when I’m trying to work WHILE homeschooling the kids and still trying to do all the normal household stuff. I need to lower my expectations for myself, and for what we can get done in a day. I need to give myself more time to breathe. I need to go OUTSIDE. You know what helps, though? Movie nights with the kiddos. Especially really DUMB movies. We watched The Sandlot 2 tonight….maybe the dumbest sequel I’ve ever seen. But it was a good laugh. 🙂

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