How things change….

Well. Wow. A LOT has changed since my last blog post. My last blog post I was talking about the tornado that hit Nashville….and that seems like YEARS ago now…..but, in actuality, it was only 2 weeks ago. And now, the news of this post is going to revolve around the second life changing thing in a month- Covid-19. When I first started hearing the news about the corona virus, it seemed like something that was so far away, something that would never impact me. But wow, I was wrong. We went from no impact at all, to less than a week, all TN schools being shut down and the President suggesting no gatherings over 10 people. That’s real, y’all.

So, last week we started hearing about social distancing. Best practices for washing hands. And, for some unknown reason, toilet paper started flying off shelves. By Thursday, people were definitely stockpiling groceries and such.

This was a bright spot last week:


This girl got 4th place in the district art competition- and she was competing against 8th graders! She was pretty proud of herself, and we were proud of her, too. She has such an awesome art teacher, and she really, really loves her after school art classes.

Friday night the kids had plans to spend the night with Mee-Maw, because Abby and Matthew were also spending the night, so Jake and I had a date night.


We tried a new restaurant in Nashville, Rolf and Daughters,  because Jake’s work had given him a gift card.

It was a really cool atmosphere, in the old Worthan’s building. The food was not really our style, but it was good. We ESPECIALLY enjoyed the sourdough ice cream-it was topped with coffee, mint, and cream. After eating (and washing our hands a lot), we went to Barnes and Noble to look around, and then went over to Target to wander around. This was the paper goods aisle in Target:


We headed to Kroger about an hour before they closed for the night. We had heard the grocery stores were crazy with people stockpiling, so we thought it would be best to go late at night with less people, and when they’d had time to start restocking the shelves. Our plan worked pretty well. We were able to find most of what we needed.

Saturday we went to Mama Judy’s and worked on cleaning out her attic some more. The kiddos scored some vintage clothes out of the deal this time. 🙂 Jake and I found an old hat rack to hang in our bedroom. And I stole some of her forsythia bush to decorate with. 🙂

Saturday night we had some good friends over for dinner and to play cards. This was BEFORE the President had really mandated a quarantine….at this point just large gatherings were being discouraged. It was a great night, and I’m glad we had one last shindig for awhile.

Sunday church was cancelled for social distancing, so our church did a live stream. We watched church in our pajamas while eating breakfast. It was different, but nice.


Monday we went to school…but quickly got the news that it was to be our last day of normal school….for probably the rest of the school year. This was something we’d really only just started considering the week before. The reality came sooner than we thought. On Monday afternoon we sent home all the students’ books and school supplies with them.

Tuesday the teachers met to try to figure out how to do “distance learning” with our students. We got a game plan together for the rest of this week, then we are taking a 2 week Spring Break as a school. I made some instructional videos for this week, and gathered up all my teaching materials and brought them home. April 6th will begin the real transition to distance learning…probably for the rest of the school year. It is a change. A big change. We are all taking deep breaths together and adjusting to our new normal.


And planting lettuce and spinach…just in case fresh food gets harder to find. And, because I love having fresh lettuce and spinach every year anyways!


Today was our first day of homeschool. First day of official quarantine.

The kids were really great. They worked really hard. I had set us up a schedule, and we followed it best we could. The whole thing is a bit overwhelming to me. Because I’m homeschooling both my kids, but I’m also still prepping lesson plans and helping my students. I actually video chatted with 3 of my students at different times today, to help them with their math lesson.

There were some bright spots, though. I realized I liked getting to put all my focus and attention on one of my kids at a time…something I don’t get to do very often during the school year. I can really work with them on things they are struggling with. There is no homework with homeschool, so the kiddos had much more time to play-and no drive time. There are some perks. This isn’t what I would desire to do for all time…but we are going to make it work, and we are going to make the best of it while it is our new normal!

God is good. All the time God is good. He is in control. He knows the outcomes. He is good even in the midst of the scary. He is in control even in the midst of chaos.

Here’s to new adventures!

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