This week

Sunday we re-entered the land of the living. We went to church, because both Jake and I were on stage. Then we went to eat some Thai food, and visited with my parents for a bit. The kiddos ended up going to church with Grammy and Pappy, and I had women’s Bible study at our house.

Monday, thankfully, was a day off for everyone (President’s Day). It was good to have one more day of rest. We stayed home the whole day. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. We didn’t do a ton. I finished laundry. Rested. Took a nap. The kids stayed outside Jack played with his new Ripstick, skateboard (from Grammy and Pappy, and bike. The kiddos used sidewalk chalk to draw “roads” and roller bladed. Eventually Jake and I wandered out to the barn to do something, and ended up cleaning out the storage side. We try to clean it out good at least once a year. Get rid of any trash/junk/toys we don’t want anymore that has accumulated, straighten it up, and sweep it out good- it gets really dusty. It always feels good to get it cleaned out.


Tuesday was back to work. I was SO tired by the end of Tuesday, and actually not feeling great, so I came home early and took a nap. Flu is no joke…even after you’re technically “better,” it still takes a long time to really feel normal again.

Wednesday I felt better. Good thing, too, because it was a long day. School, tutoring, waiting for Jo to finish ballet. Then I took her to Springfield so she could go to youth group with Katie Ann. Next Jack and I had to run by the store, so it was awhile before we got home. I was supremely grateful for leftovers that night.

Thursday was a CRAZY BUSY day. I had school, then a faculty meeting, then I ran the kiddos to Nana’s (they were going to a Vandy game with she and Shshr, and then spending the night), then I ran home (literally for 5 minutes) to get Jake, because we had to go back to school for Parent Academy. Mama Judy was my hero, because she cooked dinner for us-we were there a total of 30 minutes, but dinner was SOO good.

Friday morning I ran by Nana’s to pick up the kiddos for school…..but only ended up getting Jack, because Josie was not feeling good-she thought she had strep throat again. So she stayed with Nana (Nana doesn’t have tonsils, so she couldn’t catch strep). I made her a doctor appointment for 2:00, and left school early. Nana met me there with her. And yep, strep positive! 🙁 Poor girl-second time THIS MONTH. After the dr, we ran by Sonic for a milkshake, then Walgreens for a prescription, then back to school. I needed to get Jack from after care, and finish my school work. Plus, Jake and I were hosting a soccer night again… I quarantined Jo in my classroom with a blanket and a movie, and Jake and I played soccer for over two hours. It was a blast. I was already sore before we stopped playing, though!


Saturday was another low key day, since the Jo was contagious and needed to stay home to rest (although meds are a wonder-she was already feeling much better by the afternoon). It was a day of sanitizing (again!) and laundry. I took a jog to try to help my soreness.

Today Jack and I went to church. Jake stayed home with Jo to let her rest one more day (even though). She feels completely better today, though!


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