Whew, what a week.

Y’all. This was  a WEEK.

It started off well. Sunday afternoon/evening the kiddos went to the Pink Out game with Nana and Shshr. Jake and I got to have a nice afternoon date-we went to get Mexican, and then we had a nice, long, quiet nap. Jake had men’s Bible study at our house Sunday night, so I hung out with the kiddos at Nana’s.


Monday afternoon Jake picked the kids and I from school, because I had an eye appointment to get my eyes dilated, so I wouldn’t be able to drive afterwards. Then we went to Krispy Kreme to let Jack pick out his birthday breakfast donuts, and donuts to take to his class. Then we went to Mee-Maw’s. She cooked Jack’s requested birthday dinner- fried chicken, fried apples, fried okra, and biscuits. LOL. It was delicious. But after dinner is where things started to go downhill. Jake started feeling bad after we got home- and it hit him HARD, and FAST. We both thought he may have caught Josie’s strep throat.


Tuesday morning we celebrated Jack’s birthday with our normal candles-in-the-donuts celebration. And we gave him his birthday present- a Ripstick, new knee/elbow pads, and a book he’s been wanting. He was VERY excited about his new Ripstick! Then the kids and I headed to school. I ended up leaving school early to take Jake to the doctor, because he went downhill fast throughout the morning, and in was no shape at all to drive. He ended up having flu AND strep. 🙁 Poor thing. That afternoon I headed to the pharmacy, then to Kroger for supplies, then to get the kiddos from Lindsey, then back to Greenbrier to get Chinese for Jack’s birthday dinner. Jack spent a long time outside playing with his new Ripstick, and then we had dinner and a Star Wars movie night (Jack’s request).

And then Wednesday, I came home from school with a fever. I called the doctor, and they called me in TamiFlu, since my symptoms were similar to Jake’s. We are so, so grateful for our amazing friends and family, because, y’all…it takes a village, and we needed every bit of that village this week. I was out of school Thursday and Friday. Lindsey took the kiddos to school both days for me, and Mama Judy picked them up and brought them home. So many people texted to check on us. The kiddos did good, too. They helped with some clean up. They did great about our “quarantine,” too. We did everything in our power to keep them from catching it. We quarantined ourselves to the couch, and tried not to touch anything in the kitchen, and wiped behind ourselves with disinfecting wipes. They got themselves totally ready for school and fixed their own dinner (we had leftover Chinese food Wednesday night and then ordered pizza Thursday night). And so far, they are healthy. Praying it stays that way!


(Josie made her own Valentine’s, and they were so cute! There were also these little squishy animals she put in the baggies. Jack just put the squishy animals in the baggies, and wrote “Love Jack on the bag with a marker, LOL. Boys are a lot less “high maintenance” than girls…I love getting to experience the differences having both a boy and a girl-ha!)

Today we declared ourselves “well.” Neither of us have had a fever since Thursday, and we were feeling human again last night. Today we disinfected the house from top to bottom and did a thousand loads of laundry.


Jake took Jack to pick up the other part of his birthday present, too. We had planned to get him a brand new bike for this birthday. But then we found a super cool vintage one in Mama Judy’s attic, and Jack decided he wanted it instead of a new bike. Especially since getting this bike meant he could have the bike AND a Ripstick. And…his last vintage bike has been REALLY good to him. So we took it to the bike shop for new tires, and it was ready to pick up today. Jake spent forever today cleaning it and polishing it the chrome to make it as good as new (or as close as he could get it, anyways.) It is AWESOME, and Jack loves it. He spent forever riding it today.


Now, praying we all stay healthy for awhile!


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