NINE years old!

Dear Jack, 

I can’t believe you are already nine! That seems particularly old. But….you are every bit of a “classic” nine year old boy. You giggle with the best of them, tell random jokes that don’t make much sense, and the dirtier you are, the better. 

Some of your favorite activities right now are shooting basketball (this is ALL you do at playtime at school), riding your bike/skateboard/scooter/anything with wheels, riding your minibike, playing video games of all kinds, climbing, and playing with your sister. I love that y’all still love each other so very much. 

Your favorite foods include sausage and biscuits, Chinese food of all kinds, fried chicken, biscuits, fried apples, cheese quesadillas, and sweet potatoes. You love hot chocolate, root beer, and sweet tea. Your favorite restaurants are probably Cracker Barrel, Chic-Fil-A, and any Chinese restaurant. 

Even though you are ALL boy, you also are still so sweet and cuddly. You want me to “pat-pat” you every night, still. You love stuffed animals. You love cuddling your cat, Poppy. You sleep with your frog blanket and your stuffed rat Scabbers every night. “Where’s Waldo” is still your most loved book….you pour over it multiple times a week…I would think you would be bored of it by now, since you must have it memorized, but you love it so. During movies, you must be cuddled up to someone. You are a Momma’s boy for sure….but Daddy is your favorite person. 

You did a lot of fun things this year! You were “Player of the Year” for your soccer team; went to Climb Nashville Camp this summer; learned to water ski; “cliff jumped” at the lake; LOVED going to the indoor skate park; slept in a hammock all night; had an awesome cross country season racing against 5th graders; ended speech therapy; continued mandolin lessons and did really well;  and had your first official sleepover with someone other than family (at the Roses). 

You are so much fun, and we love you so much. I can’t imagine how boring and quiet our lives would be without you in it! I love you, sweet boy. Happy Birthday! 


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