“Sick” Days

This week our headmaster gave us a gift-Thursday and Friday with no school, due to so many grammar school kids being sick (I had FIVE out on Wednesday). And the timing was good, because Josie stayed home sick on Wednesday with strep throat, and would’ve had to stay home on Thursday, too.

I was able to get so much done that has been on my to do list for awhile. On Thursday I stayed in my pajamas all day long and did not leave the house at all…like, I didn’t even go outside. It was glorious. I made a photo book of mine and Jake’s California trip we took a couple of years ago, along with some other various chores. One big chore was helping the kids purge toys and rearrange their rooms. Jo had been wanting to rearrange hers for awhile, and then I just kept going and did Jack’s, too. It was much needed, and they feel so much better now! Plus, it is always good to purge toys and books that are no longer played with/needed. Jack is a pack rat….so we just threw a lot of things away, too. We ended the night with a movie night to watch the new Lion King. Which was a great movie, by the way!


Friday morning we woke up to a surprise-snow!! And I was so glad we were already out of school, because it was not enough that we would’ve closed school. In fact, it was melted by noon. But the kids still had fun playing for a little bit, and it was pretty to watch while it was falling. 🙂


Friday afternoon I cleaned the house and the kiddos and I ran some errands. I cut Jake and Jack’s hair, did a bit more cleaning, and then cooked some dinner. After dinner we went to Golly G’s, just because. 🙂


Grateful for these days with these kiddos that are getting so big!

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