Last Week of February

It was a looonnggg last week of February. Just when I thought we had finally gotten over all the sickness, I got hit by an asthma flare up Monday morning, and couldn’t quite kick it without some prescription meds. The upside is that we are about to take care of our deductible for the year for prescription meds! I was still able to go to work all week, though…I just sounded like a seal barking much of the time.

Monday night we went to dinner at Mama Judy’s house. Jack’s class is learning about WWII because they are reading the book Number the Stars, so Mee Maw showed him a scrapbook with some war-time pictures of her daddy. Jack thought it was super cool. So cool, in fact, that Mama Judy came and shared it with his class on Thursday! He was super proud to have his MeeMaw come to his class.


Tuesday I took Jack for his 9 year old well check. He’s healthy…and still tiny. But he did grow 2 1/2 inches this year, which is more than average….he’s just still got a lot of catching up to do.



Thursday night we decided to go out to eat on a whim…it had been a long week…and a long day. We went to a Mexican restaurant in Pleasant View and then hit up Golly G’s…just because.


Last night we had a family movie night (we watched Rookie of the Year– I had forgotten how good that movie is!) and ate chicken quesadillas.

This morning we got up earlyish to take the kiddos to the indoor skate park for kids’ skate. When we got there, they told us they were hosting a competition, so they kids’ skate was outside only today. #momfail

BUT, Jack has always begged us to do the outside skate park there anyways, and they didn’t charge us. Jake and I just sat in the car right outside the fence, so it actually all worked out just fine. The kids had a blast, the sun was shining, and Jake and I just got to chill for a little while.


I’m ready for spring. Here’s to hoping that spring comes fast in March, and that we can officially kick all the sickness for good.



This week

Sunday we re-entered the land of the living. We went to church, because both Jake and I were on stage. Then we went to eat some Thai food, and visited with my parents for a bit. The kiddos ended up going to church with Grammy and Pappy, and I had women’s Bible study at our house.

Monday, thankfully, was a day off for everyone (President’s Day). It was good to have one more day of rest. We stayed home the whole day. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. We didn’t do a ton. I finished laundry. Rested. Took a nap. The kids stayed outside Jack played with his new Ripstick, skateboard (from Grammy and Pappy, and bike. The kiddos used sidewalk chalk to draw “roads” and roller bladed. Eventually Jake and I wandered out to the barn to do something, and ended up cleaning out the storage side. We try to clean it out good at least once a year. Get rid of any trash/junk/toys we don’t want anymore that has accumulated, straighten it up, and sweep it out good- it gets really dusty. It always feels good to get it cleaned out.


Tuesday was back to work. I was SO tired by the end of Tuesday, and actually not feeling great, so I came home early and took a nap. Flu is no joke…even after you’re technically “better,” it still takes a long time to really feel normal again.

Wednesday I felt better. Good thing, too, because it was a long day. School, tutoring, waiting for Jo to finish ballet. Then I took her to Springfield so she could go to youth group with Katie Ann. Next Jack and I had to run by the store, so it was awhile before we got home. I was supremely grateful for leftovers that night.

Thursday was a CRAZY BUSY day. I had school, then a faculty meeting, then I ran the kiddos to Nana’s (they were going to a Vandy game with she and Shshr, and then spending the night), then I ran home (literally for 5 minutes) to get Jake, because we had to go back to school for Parent Academy. Mama Judy was my hero, because she cooked dinner for us-we were there a total of 30 minutes, but dinner was SOO good.

Friday morning I ran by Nana’s to pick up the kiddos for school…..but only ended up getting Jack, because Josie was not feeling good-she thought she had strep throat again. So she stayed with Nana (Nana doesn’t have tonsils, so she couldn’t catch strep). I made her a doctor appointment for 2:00, and left school early. Nana met me there with her. And yep, strep positive! 🙁 Poor girl-second time THIS MONTH. After the dr, we ran by Sonic for a milkshake, then Walgreens for a prescription, then back to school. I needed to get Jack from after care, and finish my school work. Plus, Jake and I were hosting a soccer night again… I quarantined Jo in my classroom with a blanket and a movie, and Jake and I played soccer for over two hours. It was a blast. I was already sore before we stopped playing, though!


Saturday was another low key day, since the Jo was contagious and needed to stay home to rest (although meds are a wonder-she was already feeling much better by the afternoon). It was a day of sanitizing (again!) and laundry. I took a jog to try to help my soreness.

Today Jack and I went to church. Jake stayed home with Jo to let her rest one more day (even though). She feels completely better today, though!


Whew, what a week.

Y’all. This was  a WEEK.

It started off well. Sunday afternoon/evening the kiddos went to the Pink Out game with Nana and Shshr. Jake and I got to have a nice afternoon date-we went to get Mexican, and then we had a nice, long, quiet nap. Jake had men’s Bible study at our house Sunday night, so I hung out with the kiddos at Nana’s.


Monday afternoon Jake picked the kids and I from school, because I had an eye appointment to get my eyes dilated, so I wouldn’t be able to drive afterwards. Then we went to Krispy Kreme to let Jack pick out his birthday breakfast donuts, and donuts to take to his class. Then we went to Mee-Maw’s. She cooked Jack’s requested birthday dinner- fried chicken, fried apples, fried okra, and biscuits. LOL. It was delicious. But after dinner is where things started to go downhill. Jake started feeling bad after we got home- and it hit him HARD, and FAST. We both thought he may have caught Josie’s strep throat.


Tuesday morning we celebrated Jack’s birthday with our normal candles-in-the-donuts celebration. And we gave him his birthday present- a Ripstick, new knee/elbow pads, and a book he’s been wanting. He was VERY excited about his new Ripstick! Then the kids and I headed to school. I ended up leaving school early to take Jake to the doctor, because he went downhill fast throughout the morning, and in was no shape at all to drive. He ended up having flu AND strep. 🙁 Poor thing. That afternoon I headed to the pharmacy, then to Kroger for supplies, then to get the kiddos from Lindsey, then back to Greenbrier to get Chinese for Jack’s birthday dinner. Jack spent a long time outside playing with his new Ripstick, and then we had dinner and a Star Wars movie night (Jack’s request).

And then Wednesday, I came home from school with a fever. I called the doctor, and they called me in TamiFlu, since my symptoms were similar to Jake’s. We are so, so grateful for our amazing friends and family, because, y’all…it takes a village, and we needed every bit of that village this week. I was out of school Thursday and Friday. Lindsey took the kiddos to school both days for me, and Mama Judy picked them up and brought them home. So many people texted to check on us. The kiddos did good, too. They helped with some clean up. They did great about our “quarantine,” too. We did everything in our power to keep them from catching it. We quarantined ourselves to the couch, and tried not to touch anything in the kitchen, and wiped behind ourselves with disinfecting wipes. They got themselves totally ready for school and fixed their own dinner (we had leftover Chinese food Wednesday night and then ordered pizza Thursday night). And so far, they are healthy. Praying it stays that way!


(Josie made her own Valentine’s, and they were so cute! There were also these little squishy animals she put in the baggies. Jack just put the squishy animals in the baggies, and wrote “Love Jack on the bag with a marker, LOL. Boys are a lot less “high maintenance” than girls…I love getting to experience the differences having both a boy and a girl-ha!)

Today we declared ourselves “well.” Neither of us have had a fever since Thursday, and we were feeling human again last night. Today we disinfected the house from top to bottom and did a thousand loads of laundry.


Jake took Jack to pick up the other part of his birthday present, too. We had planned to get him a brand new bike for this birthday. But then we found a super cool vintage one in Mama Judy’s attic, and Jack decided he wanted it instead of a new bike. Especially since getting this bike meant he could have the bike AND a Ripstick. And…his last vintage bike has been REALLY good to him. So we took it to the bike shop for new tires, and it was ready to pick up today. Jake spent forever today cleaning it and polishing it the chrome to make it as good as new (or as close as he could get it, anyways.) It is AWESOME, and Jack loves it. He spent forever riding it today.


Now, praying we all stay healthy for awhile!


NINE years old!

Dear Jack, 

I can’t believe you are already nine! That seems particularly old. But….you are every bit of a “classic” nine year old boy. You giggle with the best of them, tell random jokes that don’t make much sense, and the dirtier you are, the better. 

Some of your favorite activities right now are shooting basketball (this is ALL you do at playtime at school), riding your bike/skateboard/scooter/anything with wheels, riding your minibike, playing video games of all kinds, climbing, and playing with your sister. I love that y’all still love each other so very much. 

Your favorite foods include sausage and biscuits, Chinese food of all kinds, fried chicken, biscuits, fried apples, cheese quesadillas, and sweet potatoes. You love hot chocolate, root beer, and sweet tea. Your favorite restaurants are probably Cracker Barrel, Chic-Fil-A, and any Chinese restaurant. 

Even though you are ALL boy, you also are still so sweet and cuddly. You want me to “pat-pat” you every night, still. You love stuffed animals. You love cuddling your cat, Poppy. You sleep with your frog blanket and your stuffed rat Scabbers every night. “Where’s Waldo” is still your most loved book….you pour over it multiple times a week…I would think you would be bored of it by now, since you must have it memorized, but you love it so. During movies, you must be cuddled up to someone. You are a Momma’s boy for sure….but Daddy is your favorite person. 

You did a lot of fun things this year! You were “Player of the Year” for your soccer team; went to Climb Nashville Camp this summer; learned to water ski; “cliff jumped” at the lake; LOVED going to the indoor skate park; slept in a hammock all night; had an awesome cross country season racing against 5th graders; ended speech therapy; continued mandolin lessons and did really well;  and had your first official sleepover with someone other than family (at the Roses). 

You are so much fun, and we love you so much. I can’t imagine how boring and quiet our lives would be without you in it! I love you, sweet boy. Happy Birthday! 


Birthday Party for the Boy

Today we had Jack’s NINTH birthday party. 🙂 Well, more of a birthday “playdate,” because that’s how we roll. He wanted to invite 2 friends from school, have hamburgers, chips, and root beer for dinner, and chocolate chess pie for dessert. Low key and easy. 🙂 So that’s just what we did! One of the friends that Jack invited just happens to have a sister that is Josie’s friend, so she came to hang out, too. They all got here after lunch time, and stayed until bedtime. There was a LOT of playing outside, lots of Nerf wars, lots of snacking, and an after dinner movie. Oh, and a pin the tail on the donkey that the kids did all by themselves, just because Jack wanted it, LOL.  The boy had a blast, which was just what he deserved. Happy birthday, Jack!


Waiting not-so-patiently for his friends to come! 🙂


“Sick” Days

This week our headmaster gave us a gift-Thursday and Friday with no school, due to so many grammar school kids being sick (I had FIVE out on Wednesday). And the timing was good, because Josie stayed home sick on Wednesday with strep throat, and would’ve had to stay home on Thursday, too.

I was able to get so much done that has been on my to do list for awhile. On Thursday I stayed in my pajamas all day long and did not leave the house at all…like, I didn’t even go outside. It was glorious. I made a photo book of mine and Jake’s California trip we took a couple of years ago, along with some other various chores. One big chore was helping the kids purge toys and rearrange their rooms. Jo had been wanting to rearrange hers for awhile, and then I just kept going and did Jack’s, too. It was much needed, and they feel so much better now! Plus, it is always good to purge toys and books that are no longer played with/needed. Jack is a pack rat….so we just threw a lot of things away, too. We ended the night with a movie night to watch the new Lion King. Which was a great movie, by the way!


Friday morning we woke up to a surprise-snow!! And I was so glad we were already out of school, because it was not enough that we would’ve closed school. In fact, it was melted by noon. But the kids still had fun playing for a little bit, and it was pretty to watch while it was falling. 🙂


Friday afternoon I cleaned the house and the kiddos and I ran some errands. I cut Jake and Jack’s hair, did a bit more cleaning, and then cooked some dinner. After dinner we went to Golly G’s, just because. 🙂


Grateful for these days with these kiddos that are getting so big!


Oops….I didn’t blog this month. Honestly, though…you didn’t miss much. It has been a pretty normal, standard January around here. Work, school, church….nothing too out of the ordinary or exciting. And I did NOT do a stellar job at taking pictures.

Here’s a quick recap:

-One weekend Jack and Josie ended up spending the night with the Roses…just because. Then they hung out all day there, until the Roses came to our house for dinner that night. Then, Hannah ended up staying the night with Josie, and Jack went back home with the Roses. So then the next day, we just kept Hannah all day until after I took the girls to youth group, and then I picked Jack up. So we swapped kids for a Sunday. 😉 The kids were THRILLED at all the hang out time! And I only got these two ridiculous pictures:


-We had a board game night to play Jack’s new Christmas board game, Forbidden Island. It’s a lot of fun!


-We have had a LOT of rain this month. But at least one weekend was pretty enough to hang out at the farm, and do some burning.


-I got a try on box of glasses, and the kids had a BLAST trying them on and wearing them around the house:


-It was a very sad month for cats in our family. First, Candy and Poppy went missing for a whole week. Candy never showed back up. Poppy, though, got found by a neighbor that called us. Midnight was happy to have her back…..and then just a few days later, Midnight was hit by a car and killed. 🙁 Josie was heartbroken. We have had such bad luck with cats! Pets are hard. Such important lessons for kids to learn, but still so hard.


-At some point this month I did a MAJOR clean out of my closet, and created a “capsule” wardrobe, something I have been wanting to try for a long time. Here’s a list of my wardrobe now:

Work – 45

  • Dresses – 8
  • Skirts – 5
  • Pants – 5
  • Blazers – 6
  • Sweaters – 5
  • Shirts – 15
  • Cardigan – 1

Personal wardrobe – 45

  • Short sleeve shirts – 12
  • Long sleeve shirts – 11
  • Tank tops – 4
  • Sweaters – 2
  • Dresses – 5
  • Fancy dress – 1
  • Skirts – 1
  • Shorts – 5
  • Pants – 4

Does not count:

  • workout
  • outside/farm/garden/hiking
  • coaching
  • swimsuits
  • outerwear

(but all of those things are limited to my dresser…if it doesn’t fit, it goes)

-Last weekend we kept the Rose girls overnight, and they went to Sadie’s birthday party with us. Sadie turned three!


-I love how much these two love each other.



-Jake and I hosted an adult indoor soccer night, and it was a BLAST. We had a great turn out, and plan to do it again soon.

-I did a lot of “adulting” this month…dentist appointment, eye appointment, OBGYN appointment….plus taking the kiddos the dentist.

-Last night we went out with some friends, and the kiddos spent the night with Grammy and Pappy. We are so blessed to have family that loves our kiddos as much as we do, and are so happy to watch them so we can have some “adult” time.



Here’s to a happy February!