Post Christmas Shenanigans

The days after Christmas are usually my favorite part of Christmas. We just get sleep in, relax, play, and enjoy each other. There are normally no big-time plans…..we actually PLAN to have no plans, at least for a day or two. It is just a really sweet time. This year has been no exception.

The day after Christmas was beautiful again. We went over to the farm for a long while to let the kiddos ride and Jake and I tried out our new hammock things-he got a bug net and I got a hammock. We ended the night with a Home Alone 2 movie night, complete with coffee and hot chocolate.


Jake and I spent two days working to repair the tree house that was broken a few months ago in a storm. When I say Jake and I, let me clarify: he did the work, and I assisted. He is definitely the muscle/brains/handyman of this family!

The kids were SO thrilled to have their tree house back. It is almost good it has been unusable for awhile, because now it is like they got a new treehouse all over again!

There has been lots of playing with cats. We are enjoying having pets again.


There has been lots of good playtime for cousins. One day the kiddos spent the day with Grammy and Pappy while Sadie and Kinley were there. They got to play with their cousins at Mee-Maw’s on Monday night. Jack went and spent the day with Matthew yesterday, and Josie went to see Frozen 2 with Katie Ann and Beth yesterday, too. I love that we live so close to all of our family.


On Monday Lindsey and I had our annual Christmas break girls’ day. We always get good food, coffee, and shop. This year we added something new- channeling our inner middle school girl, going to Claire’s and getting our ears pierced! I’ve always wanted a second hole, I’ve just never gotten around to doing it. It was fun to have a friend to go do it with!



While we were out, Jake took the kiddos to see the new Star Wars movie. Why do all of the good movies always ALL come out at the same time? Josie and I want to see Little Women, too.



Yesterday we took down the Christmas decorations, and we decided we needed a chair to go in the corner where the Christmas tree was, to make a nice little reading nook. 🙂 So Jake went and found me one. I’m in love with it!





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