Christmas Day, Part 2

After all of Daddy’s family left, we had Christmas with just my immediate family. It was so beautiful that we decided to open presents right in the driveway. 🙂 The only stinky part was that Chad got called into work right in the middle of the festivities.


After we opened presents, we just hung out and let the kiddos play outside. Our kiddos got to ride their mini bikes in the field and gained much more confidence with a bigger place to ride. Shshr and I even rode a little bit. 🙂


When it got closer to dark we packed up and headed over to the farm to drop off the mini bikes, and we let the kiddos ride until it got dark. They LOVED riding their bikes at the farm. Mama Judy and Jenni came over and watched them, too.

They were still being pretty cautious! 🙂

Then we went over to Mama Judy’s for some dinner. She always fixes chili and potato soup for all of us to drop in and eat anytime on Christmas. It is SOO good, too.


We didn’t stay too late, because we were all EXHAUSTED. Like, all falling asleep on the couch by 7:00 exhausted. Christmas is a bit of a marathon. But a good marathon. 🙂



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