Christmas Eve, part 2

After we left Mee-Maw’s, we went home, changed clothes, dropped stuff off, and gathered up more stuff and then headed over to Nana’s. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. I mean, outside in t-shirts without jackets weather. Everybody stayed outside until dark. We even took a walk.

Once everyone got there and it got dark, the guys grilled the steaks and then we ate a delicious dinner.


We always try to get a cousin photograph…and it is normally like an act of Congress. This year was no exception.

There were about a million outtakes, and this is about as good as it got:


It got better when we added Shshr to the mix:



We always get one without Everett for Mom’s Christmas frame…..and it went about as well as the others. 😛


But then. An absolute Christmas miracle happened. Nana wanted a picture with all the grand babies. And at first, it was more of the same…..

BUT THEN THE MIRACLE HAPPENED. I got THREE decent shots in a row, with everyone looking AND smiling!!!


Some more random family shots that everyone wanted in front of Nana’s pretty tree:


And then came the present opening madness-


And with Nana’s gift came a very special announcement from Josh and Jackie…


Then tired kid chaos and dessert time….


We are a loud, boisterous, close knit family. And it is fun. And crazy. And exhausting. And delightful. It was a good Christmas Eve all the way around.

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