Pre-Christmas Shenanigans

Leading up to Christmas is always a busy time.

Thursday night before the last day of school Josie and I made our traditional puppy chow to send to our friends in St. Louis, and for the kiddos to take to school.

Friday before Christmas we had a half day of school. Jack went home with a friend for a playdate, and Josie and I ran some last-minute Christmas errands (including stopping at Starbucks for some coffee for me and a frappuccino for Jo) :).


That night the kiddos spent the night with Mee Maw while Jake and I went to a Christmas party with some church friends. It was a fun night- perfect way to unwind after a long last week of work.

Saturday we hosted Christmas dinner with Jake’s dad and his siblings. And…Josie tried a scarf on Midnight that her friend gave her for Christmas.



Sunday we had church and then I had a birthday party photo shoot. After that we dropped the kiddos off at Mom and Dad’s and met up with some friends for a fun date night. We went to Butchertown Hall-YUM. and then to our friends’ house for some dessert and coffee. It was a fun night. We love our friends. πŸ™‚


Monday we picked the kiddos up from Mom and Dad’s and I took Jack to Climb Nashville. (A long over due promise.) This boy loves to climb. He never wants to stop. And he doesn’t get tired!


Jake took Josie to her friend Josie’s house for a sleepover. She loves Josie and so do we. πŸ™‚


Next blog: Christmas Eve!

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