Weekending, holiday style

The holidays are such  crazy time of year. There are so many GOOD things…but SO MANY things. This weekend was CRAZY busy for us. Again, all good things…just so many of them. We needed a weekend from our weekend!

Friday night Josie was helping with a fundraiser “babysitting” night at our school. So Jake and I put Jack in the babysitting group, and headed over to Chef’s Market for a quiet dinner together. It was good. Slow and yummy and topped off with awesome dessert. IMG_8093

We went to the post office to mail Christmas cards, and then to Target to get a few stocking stuffers for the kiddos. Then it was time to pick kiddos up!

Saturday I started the morning with a photo shoot for one of my favorite families at church. They came to our house for the photo shoot, and we got to catch up a bit afterwards.

Then we headed over to Mama Judy’s, because Roy, Deb, and Jennie were coming up for Christmas lunch. Lunch was delicious of course, and  it was wonderful to see them.


From there, we headed straight to Casey’s for Lane and Beau’s birthday party.

We couldn’t stay for the whole, party, though, because we had ANOTHER event we had to get to at 7:00 that was all the way across town in Nolensville. A friend of mine was hosting a “night of carols,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Just a bunch of fun people in a room, singing Christmas carols together. It was great! We were tired, it was late, and it meant we got home late, but we were glad we went.


Sunday we had to be at church early because I was singing and Jake was running sound. After church, the kiddos went to a Vandy game with Nana and Shshr….and Jake and I went home and took a nap!!


Sunday night Jake had men’s Bible study at our house, so  I picked up Hannah, met the kiddos in Goodlettsville, and took Josie and Hannah to the youth group Christmas party. While they were partying, Jack and I went to Walmart to grocery shop.



Whew!! It makes me tired all over again, just thinking about it. But it was good. And the holidays don’t last all year, thank goodness! 🙂 The busy-ness of December always makes me look forward and appreciate the slowness and quietness of January.

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