Christmas Eve, part 2

After we left Mee-Maw’s, we went home, changed clothes, dropped stuff off, and gathered up more stuff and then headed over to Nana’s. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. I mean, outside in t-shirts without jackets weather. Everybody stayed outside until dark. We even took a walk.

Once everyone got there and it got dark, the guys grilled the steaks and then we ate a delicious dinner.


We always try to get a cousin photograph…and it is normally like an act of Congress. This year was no exception.

There were about a million outtakes, and this is about as good as it got:


It got better when we added Shshr to the mix:



We always get one without Everett for Mom’s Christmas frame…..and it went about as well as the others. πŸ˜›


But then. An absolute Christmas miracle happened. Nana wanted a picture with all the grand babies. And at first, it was more of the same…..

BUT THEN THE MIRACLE HAPPENED. I got THREE decent shots in a row, with everyone looking AND smiling!!!


Some more random family shots that everyone wanted in front of Nana’s pretty tree:


And then came the present opening madness-


And with Nana’s gift came a very special announcement from Josh and Jackie…


Then tired kid chaos and dessert time….


We are a loud, boisterous, close knit family. And it is fun. And crazy. And exhausting. And delightful. It was a good Christmas Eve all the way around.

Christmas Eve, Part 1

We started Christmas Eve by going to pick up Jo at her friend Josie’s house….only to discover when we got there, that Candy had gotten up underneath the car and ridden with us! So instead of going straight to Mee-Maw’s, we had to take her back home. Adventures with pets….



Then we headed over to Mee Maw’s for Christmas with Jake’s fam. Mama Judy fixes a yummy breakfast, and we go casual-Christmas pjs for anyone who wants wear them. πŸ™‚ We eat breakfast, then open presents and then just hang out and play games or sit and talk. This year Josie got a fun new game called Dixit, so I played it with she and Jack and Abby.



Pre-Christmas Shenanigans

Leading up to Christmas is always a busy time.

Thursday night before the last day of school Josie and I made our traditional puppy chow to send to our friends in St. Louis, and for the kiddos to take to school.

Friday before Christmas we had a half day of school. Jack went home with a friend for a playdate, and Josie and I ran some last-minute Christmas errands (including stopping at Starbucks for some coffee for me and a frappuccino for Jo) :).


That night the kiddos spent the night with Mee Maw while Jake and I went to a Christmas party with some church friends. It was a fun night- perfect way to unwind after a long last week of work.

Saturday we hosted Christmas dinner with Jake’s dad and his siblings. And…Josie tried a scarf on Midnight that her friend gave her for Christmas.



Sunday we had church and then I had a birthday party photo shoot. After that we dropped the kiddos off at Mom and Dad’s and met up with some friends for a fun date night. We went to Butchertown Hall-YUM. and then to our friends’ house for some dessert and coffee. It was a fun night. We love our friends. πŸ™‚


Monday we picked the kiddos up from Mom and Dad’s and I took Jack to Climb Nashville. (A long over due promise.) This boy loves to climb. He never wants to stop. And he doesn’t get tired!


Jake took Josie to her friend Josie’s house for a sleepover. She loves Josie and so do we. πŸ™‚


Next blog: Christmas Eve!


Today Jack’s class at school had NASA day. He was SO pumped. He’s been talking about it for weeks!

I found a $8 costume on Amazon. Score!

Jack wanted to carry his toolbag since he was dressed up as an “engineer.”

They did all kinds of cool stuff. One of our JECA dads works as a trainer at a flight school, and he came in and did a whole flight lesson for the kids. They even got to “train” on a real flight simulator! Jack thought it was AWESOME.



They also had a fun “space-themed” lunch and another parent came in and shot off rockets!


I love our school. πŸ™‚

Weekending, holiday style

The holidays are such Β crazy time of year. There are so many GOOD things…but SO MANY things. This weekend was CRAZY busy for us. Again, all good things…just so many of them. We needed a weekend from our weekend!

Friday night Josie was helping with a fundraiser “babysitting” night at our school. So Jake and I put Jack in the babysitting group, and headed over to Chef’s Market for a quiet dinner together. It was good. Slow and yummy and topped off with awesome dessert. IMG_8093

We went to the post office to mail Christmas cards, and then to Target to get a few stocking stuffers for the kiddos. Then it was time to pick kiddos up!

Saturday I started the morning with a photo shoot for one of my favorite families at church. They came to our house for the photo shoot, and we got to catch up a bit afterwards.

Then we headed over to Mama Judy’s, because Roy, Deb, and Jennie were coming up for Christmas lunch. Lunch was delicious of course, and Β it was wonderful to see them.


From there, we headed straight to Casey’s for Lane and Beau’s birthday party.

We couldn’t stay for the whole, party, though, because we had ANOTHER event we had to get to at 7:00 that was all the way across town in Nolensville. A friend of mine was hosting a “night of carols,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Just a bunch of fun people in a room, singing Christmas carols together. It was great! We were tired, it was late, and it meant we got home late, but we were glad we went.


Sunday we had to be at church early because I was singing and Jake was running sound. After church, the kiddos went to a Vandy game with Nana and Shshr….and Jake and I went home and took a nap!!


Sunday night Jake had men’s Bible study at our house, so Β I picked up Hannah, met the kiddos in Goodlettsville, and took Josie and Hannah to the youth group Christmas party. While they were partying, Jack and I went to Walmart to grocery shop.



Whew!! It makes me tired all over again, just thinking about it. But it was good. And the holidays don’t last all year, thank goodness! πŸ™‚ The busy-ness of December always makes me look forward and appreciate the slowness and quietness of January.


So….this happened this week.

We had thought a couple of weeks ago that we were going to get a kitten, but then it fell through (so we thought), so that’s when we picked up Poppy from the family at our school. And then our sweet neighbor texted me on Tuesday…and the kitten had in fact NOT fallen through. Ha! So we went ahead and accepted it since we had already committed…and what’s one more? LOL.

So, welcome to the family, Candy! She’s about 10 weeks old. We all love her. She’s a sweet kitty. The other cats are still getting used to her.


Well, we got Jack a new kitty. Her name is Poppy. We got her from a family at school who needed to give her up. She is a pretty orange Tabby, and is only about a month older than Midnight. He’s in love with her already. She’s been an inside cat until now, so she’s having to do some adjusting, but I think she’s going to be just fine. πŸ™‚ I hope so, for Jack’s sake!


Last night was Christmas Vespers, our school’s annual Christmas program. It really is lovely, and last night was no exception.

My favorite part (probably my favorite part of the whole school year!) is when the 5th-12th graders sing “All is Well.” It is absolutely beautiful.

Ignore my shoddy videotaping, and just listen :).

Vandy Game

The kiddos go to Vandy basketball games with Nana and Shshr quite often, but I haven’t been in years. Nana couldn’t go tonight, so I went with Shshr and the kiddos. It was fun, and a good game to watch! It was to watch the kids have fun, too. So glad they get to experience this like I did when I was little :). I have so many good memories of going to the ball games with Nana and Pop.