I haven’t blogged as much this year for sure. I’m not really sure why. I’m trying the best not to let “mom guilt” (SUCH A REAL THING) get to me, and just roll with it, and blog when I have a chance, and let that be enough. 🙂

Here’s a few more sprinkling of things I want to remember about October this year:


Jack finished up cross country season like a champ. He was the alternate for the All-Star Race, so he didn’t get to actually run, but we were so proud of him for doing so well as a third grader (that’s the youngest age in his age group) and being on such a competitive team-his team got first overall in the league! And Jack was a great contributor to that. So proud of him for sticking with something challenging.


I hosted a cross country meet in October at Whites Creek. This is how many steps I got:



Right before Fall Break, Jake went on a work trip to the Catskill Mountains in New York. He also got a big promotion. So proud of him! He works so hard to provide so well for us.

We went to pick him up at the airport, and Jack just had to get a look at the construction going on:



These kiddos love their baby cousin:


We celebrated Chad and Pappy’s birthdays. Chad let Jack try on his night vision goggles.


Just another day at Grammy and Pappy’s…





One thing to note about November: Socks, Jack’s cat, disappeared. We are 90% sure she got up under Jake’s truck without us knowing and rode to Springfield (and jumped out at some point). He was sad, but really was a trooper. He handled it really well, and these are important lessons for kiddos to learn. 🙁 Still no fun, though. Midnight was super sad, too. It was hard to see her “mourning” for her sister. She’s much better now, though.


Jack completely blew out his school shoes. They lasted him 3 months. Boy is rough on some shoes.



My brother made it to the National Dog Trials in Florida!



Josie seriously bruised her foot one day! She was okay, though. It healed up on its own.



Josie went to a fun masquerade party for her friend Elizabeth! She had a blast. 🙂


We had some sweet friends over from church.



We celebrated Thanksgiving with our church….and I didn’t get even one picture.



I love it when I find my kids randomly reading. And that Where’s Waldo book has been Jack’s favorite for FOREVER.


We helped our friends, the Roses, move! I didn’t get one picture of that, either, but we were with them all one Saturday. They are only 10 minutes away from us now. 🙂


These are the kiddos friends from school. They are missionaries in Cambodia, and they have been on furlough to the US for the past few months. They come to JECA when they are on furlough, and our kiddos have gotten to be good friends with the two that are in their classes. We had a half day on Tuesday, so they came over to our house to play, since they will be leaving to go back to Cambodia after Christmas. 🙁


On Wednesday we went to Green Hills Mall so that Jake could take his computer to the Apple store. I went in the Warby Parker store to look around. Josie tried on some glasses. 😉


Wednesday night we went to the Roses’ house for dinner, and the kiddos spent the night. This was Jack’s first time spending the night somewhere other than family. They had a blast! So glad we have such close friends-they are more like family than friends, really.


This morning I got to go to breakfast with Robin. We try to get together, even if it just for an hour or two, whenever she is in town. 🙂 We were actually going to get coffee at Historic Perk, but they were opening LATE for Black Friday….which didn’t really make sense to us, but whatever. We ended up going to Larry’s, which is always a win. 🙂 It was so good to see her. I love good friends that you can pick up with whenever, no matter how long it has been since you’ve talked. That’s a mark of a great friend.



Well. That’s my catch up. Maybe now that I’ve caught up, I can keep up! But I’m not making any promises…..



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