It was a fun Halloween. This was the first year the kiddos haven’t had a “joint” costume, but I didn’t care at all. They were excited about the things they chose. Josie recycled Kinley’s birthday piñata and was a frappuccino. It was creative and cute, and all I had to do was buy some tights and glue the top onto a hat. Jack was Black Panther (an Avenger superhero). He already had a mask that Grammy had bought him, so I bought a black sweatsuit and some purple puff paint at Wal-Mart and got to work. Then he insisted he needed the necklace, so I looked up a tutorial online for a DIY Black Panther necklace…and found myself making play dough molds for panther teeth made out of hot glue…..the things we do for our children. Anyways, he was thrilled with his costume, so that’s all that matters!


Sunday night we went to trick-or-trunk at Mee-Maw and Ta’s church, per tradition. It was fun, although I think my kiddos are getting close to outgrowing this tradition.

We stopped by Nana’s afterwards, and Shshr was there and just happened to have this crazy unicorn head in her car. The kids got a kick out of it!

Last night we did our normal trick-or-treating and visited all our favorite people. The only place I forgot to get a picture was Mrs. Cindy’s. Trick or treating for us is basically just a bunch of little social stops with some candy thrown in for good measure. We enjoy it. 🙂 (And the kids have never been door-to-door trick or treating in a neighborhood, so they think this is normal-ha!)

Then we ended up at Mom and Dad’s with the rest of my family for chili, hot dogs, and hanging out. We attempted to get our normal kiddo Halloween picture…and our bar was not set very high. We just wanted all the kids in a picture….screaming, smiling, not looking, just whatever we could get! It was a pretty hilarious process, as usual.

It was Emery’s first Halloween! She was bumble bee.


And Sadie was much happier when she got to wear Shshr’s unicorn head….


It was fun night. 🙂

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