September…and the beginning of October

I did a bit better in September about blogging than August, but I still missed some things. So here’s a bit of a catch up.

It’s was a busy month, with cross country season, time with friends and family, and harvesting muscadines. It has been HOT…as in, every day over 90! Hottest cross country season I’ve ever had. We hosted a meet at our farm…..which I didn’t get even one picture of. But it went SO well. SO much work…but I think it was worth it. Jack lost his shoe in the first part of the race, and ran almost the entire mile without it! Silly boy.

Here’s what else we’ve been up to…..

Fun night hanging out with friends…



Kinley turned five!


We harvested muscadines and put up more than 20 quarts of juice for making jelly….


The kitties are getting big! The kids are still doing a great job taking care of them, too.


We’ve listened to our audio book on the porch some nights so we can watch the kitties play….


Also: Josie missed a couple of days of school for strep throat…yuck.


We made homemade skillet pizzas one night….they were delicious! We also finished ALL of the Marvel movies, finally! 🙂


Practicing guitar before school….this girl is looking so much older here lately! (Acting older, too! She is for SURE a middle schooler….)



Picnic lunch with our community group after church….



Last weekend Josie had the opportunity to sing with Mrs. Sarah again. On Sunday they had a shorter session, so to kill time we took Jack to the skate park over by the wave pool…He had a blast. He said he like this one better than the indoor skate park!


Jack is doing really well in cross country this year…he got FIFTH in his last race…and he is racing against 5th graders!



Finally got a date night with this gorgeous guy. We found a GREAT new sushi place in Nashville….maybe the best restaurant we’ve eaten at in Nashville, period. Then we went to Milk and Honey for dessert. It’s all about the food. 🙂


In between THREE photo shoots on Saturday, I got to grab lunch with this sweet friend. It’s always a treat to get to hug on Megan!



Now to another SUUPPPEERRR busy week before we get out for FALL BREAK!!

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