Lake Day

Saturday we had a free day (miraculously), so we decided to go to the lake for the day! We left around 8:00, and were on the water around 11:00. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Nice cool breeze and gorgeous sunshine.


We had never taken the kids to the cliffs at Wolf River (not when they were old enough to remember, anyways), so we drove up there first.

We figured Jack would jump with no hesitation (which he did), but Jake said he would eat his socks if Josie did, and I totally agreed with him….and then that girl got up there and jumped with almost no hesitation at all!! We were proud of her for being so brave, because that is something she struggles with sometimes. They both jumped off the “big” cliff 3 times-and it doesn’t look that big when you are at the bottom, but it looks a LOT higher from the top! It is about 12 feet, probably. I jumped with them the first time, because it had been years-and because I was so impressed with Josie! But no more than that for me!

After that we went to Iron’s Creek to swim until we were all chilly and ready to ride again.


We rode up to Mitchell Creek, just because, before heading back to Willow Grove and getting some pizza for dinner. We stopped at Sonic on the way home for dessert and listened to Harry Potter. We even had time when we got home to finish watching a movie we’d started. It was a great day with my favorite people :).

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