First Day of School!

Well, it’s here! Today was the first day of school. Josie is in 6th grade, Jack is in 3rd. They were both eager to start because they are both super excited about their teachers this year. 🙂 We love our school, and we are very blessed to be there.



It is almost impossible to get Jack to smile normally, but I won this morning!!

Our customary “lamppost” pictures….And Jack was really happy to be there in that bottom pic…he just is an awkward picture taker, LOL.

Jack is SO excited to have Mrs. Rose!!


Josie is OVER THE MOON about having Mrs. Hoffman again. She had her a bit in first and second grade for a few classes, and has looked forward to having her again ever since!


And this. This is my FAVORITE picture of the day….Jack’s teacher took some pictures of her class.  The TEETH. All the awkward third grade teeth. I love this!



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