Fourth of July

We celebrated the Fourth for 3 days around here-ha!

Wednesday night (the 3rd) we joined our church family and watched the fireworks in Hendersonville. It is always fun to go-the kids have a blast running around with their friends before the fireworks start, and Hendersonville really does put on a great show! It started raining almost the SECOND the fireworks were over! But the show was great! We stopped at Sonic for 1/2 price milkshakes on the way home…because why not?


The morning of the Fourth the kiddos and I went to the parade, per tradition. It’s cheesy, but we all love it, just because. It was HOOOOTTT.


We came home, and Josie and I made our traditional red/white/blue strawberries while the storms rolled in.


Luckily, the storms cleared just in time for us to go to the Johnson’s for our annual fish fry. This year we got there early so Jake and I could help cook the hushpuppies. It was great night full of yummy food, friends, family, and water fun for the kiddos.


Chad had to work on the Fourth, so Friday night he had the family over to shoot fireworks off at his house…because Chad never misses the chance to blow stuff up! 🙂 He introduced my kids to their first Roman candles….because of course he did.


Happy Independence Day, y’all!

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