Since we’ve gotten back from camping, we’ve had quite a bit of “friend” time, and it’s been fun!

On Thursday our friends from out of town were passing through, and we invited them to stay with us for the night so we could hang out. We used our camper as a “guest house,” and it worked great! We all Β had a great time visiting and catching up. The kids were THRILLED to get to see their friends again.


Friday Josie had a birthday party for Hannah to go to. They went swimming at Old Hickory.


On Friday night we went to our friends the Kings house for dinner. We had a great time! Dinner was delicious, they are a blast to hang out with, and our kiddos play great together. πŸ™‚



Saturday Jack had a birthday party for his best friend, Finn. He was SOOO glad to see him after a long summer!


Fun times! We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. πŸ™‚

Camp, Camping, and a brand-new Niece

We just got back this week from our annual Dale Hollow July trip. It was a great trip, but also a very eventful/unusual trip!

First off, I picked Jo up from church camp, and we headed STRAIGHT to the lake. So she wasn’t home for almost 3 weeks…which she was totally fine with! She had a blast Β at camp-I’m so glad she got the opportunity to go again, and I am so thankful for the awesome chaperones from our church that made it possible!

She said the highlights for her were TPing the boys’ cabin, and worship time-she really loved their speaker and worship leaders.

We were glad to get our girl back!



The unusual part of our trip was the crazy scheduling. Usually most of my family is there pretty much at the same time, with some overlapping here and there. But this time, because of Casey’s new baby coming, Josie’s church camp dates, and Chad’s SWAT training, we all needed to be up there at different times. We came up on Friday night, Chad and Lesa were leaving Sunday night. (they had been there with Mom and Dad all the week that Jo was at church camp. Shshr and Nana were there with us for the first half of our trip; Mom and Dad left on Thursday after we got there. Ta and Tommy and Josh and Jackie were there for the second half of our trip, too, and Christie and Andy and the kiddos were at their house for part of all that time. Just a lot of going/coming. πŸ™‚


The first weekend we were there, the most exciting thing that happened was that both kiddos learned to ski!! They BOTH popped out of the water their very first try!


This was actually Josie’s second time up, because I was with her in the water the first time:

This was Jack’s official first time, because I let Josie video for us.

The first Monday of our trip, Jake and I had planned to go back to Hendersonville for our very last soccer game (it was a tournament). We were going to come back to the campground right after the game. The kiddos were staying at the campground with Grammy and Pappy. Well, while we were on the way there, we got the call that Casey was in labor! (2 weeks early!). So, that changed plans a bit. The kiddos ended up staying at the campground with Shshr and Nana, because Grammy and Pappy had to head home to get Lane and Beau. After our soccer game, we headed to get some dinner, and then right on over the hospital. We thought it would be pretty quick, because Casey’s other two labors had been pretty quick. Well…..that wasn’t the case this time. Miss Emery took her sweet time! Β Jake and I stayed in the waiting room all night, and then headed to our house around 5 in the morning to shower and get some rest. Then we got some lunch, and headed BACK to the hospital to wait a little more. πŸ™‚ Sweet Emery finally made her appearance, and we stuck around for a bit, and headed back to the campground Tuesday night, getting back about 10. So, a little different than we’d planned…..but I have a new niece! And she is beautiful!!


The rest of the trip was a bit less eventful. Mom and Dad came back with Lane and Beau to pack up their camper and head home. The Roses came on Wednesday, and Nana and Shshr left on Friday. So the rest of the trip was mostly just us and the Roses hanging out..and we had a great time! There was a lot of late nights and lazy mornings. Lots of swimming, kiddos playing in the sand, and boat rides. Lots of good food. Coffee. Fires. Late evening swims. Sunsets. Lots of ice cream. Kiddos kayaking. We just really enjoyed our time together, and soaked up every bit of relaxing and playing time we could. It is so much fun to have friends that are more like family. I love that my kiddos have friends to camp with…those are some of my favorite memories from camping growing up, getting to play with our “camping” friends. πŸ™‚




One night the kiddos slept in their hammocks! The Rose girls didn’t last as long, but our kiddos stayed out there until it started raining at about 4 in the morning. πŸ™‚


On our last full day, we had quite the adventure. We rode the boat to Sunset for some ice cream, and just to show the Roses that end of the lake, and then we hung out in a creek near Sunset. Hannah and Lindsey learned to ski! Josie skied some more, and I slalomed. Then we were headed to Sulfur for dinner. Well, on the way there it came a rainstorm! A HARD rain. Luckily, we were near Star Point, so we pulled in there and hung out on their dock while the rain passed. Then we ended up just heading back to the campground since it was raining cats and dogs at Sulfur still, and we were all drenched and COLD. πŸ™‚ We made soup and bundled up in our camper to hang out instead. πŸ™‚ Those are the best adventures, though! The ones you remember forever.


It was a great trip, and none of us were ready to leave! That’s the mark of a good vacation, though. We can’t wait to go back!




Bike Adventure

Last night Jake, Jack, and I went for a bike ride on the greenway in Ashland City-it is one of the “Rails To Trails” greenways, so it is nice and flat. It is beside the river, really shady, and just a great places to ride bikes. We rode just over 10 miles! Jack did great-he’s a trooper :). We finished up the night with dinner at McDonalds and then stopping by Mama Judy’s for some blackberry cobbler. πŸ™‚ It was a good night.

Fourth of July

We celebrated the Fourth for 3 days around here-ha!

Wednesday night (the 3rd) we joined our church family and watched the fireworks in Hendersonville. It is always fun to go-the kids have a blast running around with their friends before the fireworks start, and Hendersonville really does put on a great show! It started raining almost the SECOND the fireworks were over! But the show was great! We stopped at Sonic for 1/2 price milkshakes on the way home…because why not?


The morning of the Fourth the kiddos and I went to the parade, per tradition. It’s cheesy, but we all love it, just because. It was HOOOOTTT.


We came home, and Josie and I made our traditional red/white/blue strawberries while the storms rolled in.


Luckily, the storms cleared just in time for us to go to the Johnson’s for our annual fish fry. This year we got there early so Jake and I could help cook the hushpuppies. It was great night full of yummy food, friends, family, and water fun for the kiddos.


Chad had to work on the Fourth, so Friday night he had the family over to shoot fireworks off at his house…because Chad never misses the chance to blow stuff up! πŸ™‚ He introduced my kids to their first Roman candles….because of course he did.


Happy Independence Day, y’all!

Summer Things

We’ve been soaking up summer around here, trying to squeeze every minute of fun out of it that we can. Here are some of the random things we’ve been up to.


We have had SO many pop up storms this summer! More than normal, it seems.



Shirley got to come to dinner one night. πŸ™‚ It was such Β beautiful night to sit on the porch after dinner, and we all love our Shirley!!


Jake and I had an adventure in Nashville one night. As part of his Father’s Day gift, I got him tickets to one of the Nashville Soccer Club games. So the kids stayed with Grammy and Pappy, and we went to the game. When we got there, the game got put on a lightning delay. But, they were play the Vandy baseball final game on the big screen, so we made the best of it! Finally, after and hour and half of lightning delays, we decided to go get dinner somewhere and come back, because every time we saw lightning, we knew there would be at least a 45 minute delay. So we got crepes, and then found a yummy no bake cookie dough place for dessert…where they were also playing the Vandy game-and we got to see the end when Vandy won it all!!! Woohoo!! Then we went back to the stadium. We got to see the first half of the soccer game…..and then the bottom dropped out, it started to rain, and the game got put BACK on a lightning delay. We just hung out under the cover and talked to some of Jake’s soccer kids who were also at the game. Finally, at 11:30, they called it. Even if we didn’t get to see the whole game, it was a fun night, and an adventure we’ll remember for a long time. πŸ™‚


One Saturday Lindsey and I had a very impromptu girl’s day, and Josh, Jake and the kiddos hung out at the farm and went down to the swimming hole. Then Lindsey and I met them over there with dinner food and we all grilled out and hung out around the fire. It was a great night. Sometimes impromptu hang out days are the best!


Last week I took the kiddos to the skate park. Jack has been dying to go back, and they get a free session for good report cards! So we took advantage. πŸ™‚ They had fun, as always, and Jack started learning how to do the half pipe on a skate board!


There have been lots of movie nights. Jake and the kids’ goal is to watch all the Marvel movies this summer. πŸ™‚



I got to meet my friend Robin for brunch yesterday because she was in town. We don’t get to see each other often, but we always are able to pick right back off where we left off. πŸ™‚ Love you!



This girl leaves for church camp tomorrow, and we are all going to miss her!



There have been lots of summer chores….Jake and I have been working on trails at the farm for my cross country meet; LOTS Β of gardening; Jake cleaned off the roof; lots of mowing; I’ve been doing some cleaning that only gets done in the summer…just the normal. πŸ™‚


Now on to more summering….. :).