This was a fun weekend. It turned out differently than what we had planned, but it ended up being great.

Friday night Jake and I went out with some friends to Germantown Cafe and TopGolf. We had been wanting to try Germantown Cafe…but neither of us were very impressed. The company was great, the food…not so much. We probably will not be back there.

TopGolf was a blast, but a MAJOR storm came through while we were there. I only took one picture, and one of my friends snapped the other two. 🙂 Jake was there, but only his shoulder made it into the pic. 🙂

And then the weirdest thing happened right we were about to be done golfing….they came over the loudspeaker and evacuated everybody! We had no clue why were were all being evacuated, and it was pouring down rain outside, so it was a pretty abrupt end to our friend date! We found out the next morning that there had been a small electrical fire caused by the storm.

When Jake and I got home that night, we had no power…TONS of people were without power in RobCo.

Saturday morning is where our plans went a bit awry. We had planned to go to the lake and spend the night on an island. I already had it booked and everything. But it was pouring down rain, and they were forecasting more storms for that night, and maybe Sunday morning, too. So, we used our best judgement (after MUCH hand-wringing on my part), and decided against it. The best part was, we had never told the kids, so they weren’t disappointed anyways! They had a fun day with Nana and Shshr (they had spent the night with Nana). After it stopped raining, Jake and I went over to the farm to work on my XC trail a bit, then cleaned up and went to get the kiddos. Josie had been invited to spend the night with the Roses, so we were taking her there, and we ended up staying for dinner and hanging out with them all night. It was a great, impromptu way to spend the evening! I didn’t get one picture. Except this one:


Sunday, to make up for NOT going to the lake, we decided to have a “staycation” and do something else that has been on our summer bucket list: Wave Country. We picked up Jo in the morning, and then headed over-we stayed from open to close, and had a blast! We are considering getting a membership next summer.

We ended our “staycation” day with dinner at Cracker Barrel and treats at Dairy Queen, and made it home right before another storm hit.


It was a great weekend, even if it didn’t happen just like we’d planned. 🙂 The planner in me sometimes has a hard time letting go and changing plans mid-flow….but I’m so glad we did!

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