Life is never dull with Jack. I was just sitting here on the couch, working on some photos, watching a cross country documentary, when I hear screams/cries of panic coming from upstairs. I sprint up the stairs, with no clue of what I’m going to find….and I find Jack, with a toothpick sticking STRAIGHT out of the bottom of his foot. Yes. A toothpick. The kids had been using the toothpicks to do “magic tricks.”

So, I pull the toothpick out (because…..I thought Jack would probably stop freaking out so much if he could stop seeing that sticking out of his foot….and I was right.) I took him downstairs, put some ice on it, and called the doctor, just to make sure there wasn’t anything else I needed to do. They just said to clean it well and watch it for infection. Hopefully that’s the end of it!


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