Josie’s Birthday Campout

This year for her birthday (ELEVEN YEARS, Y’ALL!), Josie wanted to invite some of her friends from school and campout at our farm. I let her invite 4 girls this year (3 last year, 4 this year….that’s how we’re rolling, for now). Sunday night was the night, since Jake had Monday off and would be able to help :). We spent most of Saturday setting up, and then we were all ready to go at 5:00 on Sunday when the girls started arriving!

It went SO well. The weather was perfect…it literally rained everywhere around us (even at our house!)…and never rained a drop at the farm. It wasn’t too hot, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather for camping in tents with 5 girls, most of whom had never camped before.

When all the girls got there, the first thing we did was take a hike down to the bottom and let the girls swim in the swimming hole. It was such an adventure for them (it is about a half mile hike through woods), and they had a BLAST!


About an hour before dark, it was time to hike back up the hill so that we could grill hamburgers and Jake could get a fire going. We were treated with a beautiful double rainbow at the top of the hill! (And Josie took all these rainbow pics, by the way.)


The night consisted of dinner around the fire, a glow necklace dance party, and the general silliness that comes with 11 year old girls.


There was cake, of course. Josie was SOO excited about the cake, because this was the first year she made it all by herself (at her request). She made a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting and chocolate chips. It was great! The girls singing her Happy Birthday was so sweet, because one of them had brought her ukulele, and she had learned to play the Happy Birthday song on it! So they serenaded her with ukulele.


After cake, there were marshmallows to be roasted, and lots of playing in the tent. One of the girls got picked up because she couldn’t spend the night…she was sad to go home! I think the rest of them finally got to sleep around midnight. ๐Ÿ™‚


In the morning, I first heard them stirring about 5:00…..and then they were all up. ๐Ÿ™‚ Camping is all about early mornings, for sure. We made pancakes and sausage on the griddle, and then they all went a played in the woods. One of the girls got picked up about 10, and then I hiked with the remaining few back down to the swimming hole for a mother COLD swim. Like, it was only 72 degrees outside, and the water was frigid….I don’t know how they stood it! For lunch we roasted hot dogs ( and leftover hamburgers) over the fire, and then it was time to pack up.


I think Josie had an excellent party…I cannot BELIEVE our little girl is turning eleven….wow.


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