Memorial Day Trip

We kicked off summer big, as usual, with a Memorial Day camping trip. This time we went to Willow Grove with Mom and Dad, so we could be closer to the lake. Shshr came and stayed a couple of nights with us, too.

It was a great trip-the weather was perfect- hot and sunny, great for the boat. Jack actually came down with a fever on Saturday, though, and kept it until Tuesday. He was the least sick sick kid I’ve ever seen, though. He had no other symptoms except begin a bit more tired than usual. So, we still went boating and swimming (because he wasn’t going to infect anyone on our boat except for us!).

It was a fun, low key trip. Lots of swimming, fishing), reading, playing, and just relaxing. The perfect way to kick off summer. 🙂

Now for a picture recap:

Saturday we went out on Mom and Dad’s boat with them. We didn’t know Jack had a fever, but it sure did make his just wanting to lay in the sunshine make more sense after the fact!


Sunday Jack still had a fever on and off, but was not really feeling bad, so we decided he would be fine to go on a boat ride. Jake drove Shshr’s boat to Sunset and the kiddos got some ice cream. 🙂


Monday Chad and Lesa and the girls came, and we got our boat out. Jack didn’t have a fever for most of the day, until the evening when it came back, poor thing. The kiddos kneeboarded, and Kinley even kneeboarded for the first time! (with Chad helping).


Tuesday was our going home day, but we booked our site for the night so we could stay and play until after dinner. 🙂 So we did! We set up at Coon Island for the day, and Jack did a TON of fishing. He ended up catching 14 fish! Ta, Tommy, Nana, and the Smiths came by, too.

While Jack was fishing, Josie swam, and swam, and swam, and swam! She is a fish!



The kiddos hung out with Mom and Dad on their boat while Jake and I packed up, and then we all met at the dock for pizza before we headed home.



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