Strings Recital

Yesterday was the kids’ strings recital at school. They both did so well! All  of their hard work and morning practice time has really paid off this year. And, it appears that neither  one of them is a bit shy of getting in front of a group and playing. I hope they keep that confidence!


Last Day of School

It is the last day of school, and we are EXCITED, no matter what sleepy morning faces may look like. 🙂 And it is time for one of my favorite things- comparison pictures!!! I never think my babies have changed much in a school year until I look at the first/last day pictures…..WOW. Josie looks grown.





And now, for the real tear jerker…..Josie’s first day of kindergarten, and her last day of 5th grade!!


Now, here’s to summer break!


Jack finished up his soccer season on Saturday. He’s had a lot of fun this season, and he had a great coach this year. They definitely lost more than they won, but his little team worked hard, and Jack enjoyed himself and learned a lot. In fact, Jack’s coach awarded him the player of the year award for his team! He was so excited!

15 Years

Jake and I celebrated 15 wonderful years of marriage tonight. Mom and Dad kept the kiddos, and we headed to Nashville. We hit Crema so I could get some coffee, and then we wandered around the Gulch for awhile. We had a long, drawn out dinner at Urban Grub, complete with a charcuterie board for an appetizer and vanilla bean donuts for dessert :). It was a great night :).

Little House Day

Today was Jack’s long awaited dress up day at school. He has been counting down the weeks, then the days, to dress up as Almanzo from Farmer Boy for his class’ Little House on the Prairie day. He was so excited this morning to put on his red suspenders! He totally picked out/planned this whole outfit, and I just rolled with what he said! He had such a fun day. They played games in the field, made butter, beat a rug, wrote on slates with chalk, and did all kinds of fun “prairie” stuff. I did a “Johnny cake” demonstration and fried cornbread for all the second graders. It was so funny how fascinated they were by that! It really doesn’t take much to entertain kids sometimes-hah! So thankful for our school and teachers that love our students so well, and care enough to do such awesome things like this to make learning fun and exciting!