Happy Birthday, Nana!

Today is one of the most special days of the year-it’s my Nana’s birthday! And I don’t know about if you know her or not, but if you don’t…..you’re missing out. Because my Nana….she’s the best one. And she’s not just my Nana. She is Nana to everyone she meets. There is no one in the world like her. She’s the reason I love Vandy sports (especially women’s basketball), camping at the lake, gravy on my biscuits, sweet tea, digging in the dirt, and long afternoons on the back porch. She’s the reason I can never say no to a snicker doodle. My Hello Kitty obsession in elementary school was fueled 100% by her. There is no one that gives hugs like my Nana. And, no one can make you feel more special on a holiday than her. She knows all my favorite foods (and the favorite foods of all 17 of the rest of us!) And will drop everything to cook them for me if I stop by unexpectedly. And her food? You NEVER say no to Nana’s cooking! Cooking is her love language, and we all love her love language! And the best part is, not only is she my Nana. My kids have the greatest privilege in the world that she gets to be their Nana, too! And you know how I said she is the BEST Nana in the world….well, it turns out she’s an even BETTER great-Nana! And I think my kids would agree. 🙂

Nana, I love you so much- more than any words can express. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Nana!

  1. I had the privilege of calling her Nana to and was the recipient of many of her home cooked meals. She is the absolute best. Happy birthday Nana

  2. We love all the pictures and everything you say is true. I will say again Happy Birthday with wishes for many more to follow. Love you Glenda, Nancy and Gradie

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