Spring Break

We’ve had a great week of Spring Break. It was a BEAUTIFUL week, weather wise.

Last weekend was pretty low key. Jack had a soccer game on Saturday, and afterwards he and Josie went home with Grammy and Pappy to play. While they did that, Jake and I went to Mama Judy’s to help her clean out her attic. Sunday was a church day.

Monday Jake had off of work so we had a slow and lazy morning. Then he did some chores while the kids and I started working on cleaning out the garden.

The kids were a BIG help. We didn’t get it all done, but we got a big chunk done before it was time for Jack’s soccer practice.

Tuesday my friend Lindsey and I had a girls’ day. We went to brunch at Milk and Honey in Nashville. It was DELICIOUS. Everything looked good, so we just got two plates and split it so we could try more things. 🙂

We forgot to get even one picture of the two of us, but we so enjoyed our day! After brunch we went shopping- Dirt Cheap (SO fun), Old Navy, Walmart, and she introduced me to this cool coffee shop near her house for iced coffees. 🙂 Grateful God has placed her in my life!

While we were out, the kiddos had a fun day with Nana. They spent most of it outside, climbing trees and helping Nana with yard work.


Tuesday night was an EXCITING one for Josie. She got to go to a Lucinda Williams concert at the Ryman with Shshr! She was so stoked to get to go, and they both had a blast.

Why does she look grown in these pictures?

While she was at the concert, Jack and I went to watch Jake’s soccer game. Jack’s favorite part is AFTER the game, so he can play on the field with his Daddy. 🙂



Wednesday the kids and I went to the zoo with our good friends. It was  BEAUTIFUL day, and a great day at the zoo.


I had promised Jack that over Spring Break we would go back to the indoor skate park. So Thursday was the day. We went right when it opened at 12, and the kids literally had the place to themselves for the first hour. And then after that it was only a few other people. They had a blast! And even better, they do a free session if you can show them a report card with all As and Bs…so it was totally free for our kiddos! 🙂


After skate park, Jake had a soccer game. The kids and I completed the chore of switching out their clothes and trying on all the the things to see what still fit. Bleh. Long and laborious chore, but it gets easier each year as they get older.


Friday Jake had another day off work, so we finished cleaning out the garden and got it all planted! We planted a little earlier than normal this year, but the weather has been warm, and is supposed to stay that way. So we decided to take the risk. We planted lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, hot peppers, okra, corn, squash, zucchini, and 2 whole beds of cutting flowers. Zinnias, marigolds, and mixed pack. I’m excited about those flowers! We also planted a whole row of lavender down the fence row that we are hoping takes off.


Saturday Jack had a soccer game. He scored 1 goal, and his team won 4-2. Ta, Nana, Shshr, Everett, and Mama Judy all came to watch him, so we all went to eat at Wendy’s afterwards.

We came home and then the kids and I headed to Casey’s to drop off some stuff and the kiddos all ended up playing in the creek. 🙂

After we got back, we rested a bit, and then Josie and Jake headed over to the farm while Jack and I did a couple of things around the house, like getting a couple of flower beds squared away.

Then we headed over to the farm, too. And we spent the night!! We wanted to go camping over Spring Break, and we decided the farm would be quick, easy, and fun. We’ve been talking about camping at the farm since we bought it, and it was a perfect night to do so-the weather was just right. We went on a hike before supper down to the bottom. The woods were BEAUTIFUL in the spring.

Towards sunset, we headed back to the barn and set up our tents and Jake got a fire going. We roasted hot dogs and made Ramen and s’mores for dinner. The kids were SO excited about the Ramen, LOL.

It ended up raining/storming during the night, but our new tents did great! We didn’t get wet a bit.

It cleared off in the morning, and we had Pop Tarts and hot chocolate for breakfast (breakfast of champions right there!), and then hiked around some more, and started marking some more trails in the woods.

When it looked like it was going to start raining again, we packed it up and headed back home. We all took naps, and then did some cleaning and laundry to get ready for the week ahead. Jake fried some yummy chicken for dinner, and we let the kiddos finish watching a movie they had started.  It was a great way to end spring break.

It was a great week. A good break from the normal, and now the kids and I are ready to hit it hard again to get through the rest of the school year.

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