Medieval Day

Josie eagerly awaits her class “dress up” day every year. This year her class studied medieval history, so they had “Medieval Day” yesterday. She was Maid Marion. ๐Ÿ™‚

I wish I could show pictures of her whole class, because they were all adorable!

They had a medieval feast for lunch :).

The shields displayed were all made by the students-it is a project they do in fifth grade-they have to design a shield that represents their family, and then write an essay to describe it. Here is Josie’s:

I love that the kids get to do cool stuff like this and get totally immersed in what they are learning. God truly blessed us when he led us to JECA. ๐Ÿ™‚


Whew! It’s been a busy week, and I’m behind on blogging, but I couldn’t pass up blogging about our Easter festivities. Easter is one of my favorite holidays. ๐Ÿ™‚

We started the festivities a week early, with Jake’s family. They all came over to our house after church for our annual cousin egg hunt and a BBQ dinner. The kids always have so much fun hunting eggs…and it is a HUNT. We don’t mess around with hiding!

They had a blast, and we got the hunt done right before it started raining!


Easter week is always a busy one for our church, but it is definitely my favorite. Thursday we had our annual Passover Seder dinner. This is SUCH an awesome tradition for our church, and so special to celebrate together. Jake had a soccer game that night, so he couldn’t go, but the kids and I still went.

Josie was excited, because she found the afikomen for the first time, and won an iTunes gift card! ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday the kids and I had off school, and then we all went to our Good Friday service that night….so good. So needed.


Sunday morning the kids woke up to their Easter baskets….summer themed this year. New beach towels, new flip flops, bath bombs, PopTarts (duh), Peeps, and sweet cakes. Nothing big, but they were excited anyways. ๐Ÿ™‚

Then we hurried and got ready, because I was singing, and Jake was doing sound, which meant we had to be there at 7:30. ๐Ÿ™‚


The kiddos picked out their own Easter outfits this year, and they were super excited about them! Jack’s Easter wish was red suspenders, and Josie’s was “bow” hair (pic in a minute).

After an awesome Easter service at church, we headed to Nana’s for Easter dinner, egg hunt with all the little cousins, and hanging out the rest of the day. In a small miracle, ALL of us (23!) ย were there to eat at the same time!

First we grabbed the obligatory family pics. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is for me, totally. But who wouldn’t want pictures of my gorgeous, handsome husband and these cute kids?

Josie has been planning her Easter hair style for months. And we pulled it off! Took awhile, but the effect was great. ๐Ÿ™‚ And she was over the moon, which is all that matters!


After lunch we hid all the eggs….LOTS of eggs. Then we set the kids loose!


I insisted on getting some pictures with my siblings. Because it very rarely happens!


It was a good Easter. ๐Ÿ™‚ He is risen, indeed!


Surprise date night!

Tonight my sweet husband surprised me with a date night! We were long past due, and we had a blast! We started at 8th and Roast for some coffee, and then headed to Radnor Lake for a little walk. Then we went to REI just to browse. Then, of course, dinner. When we were in CA last summer we went to the Hawaiian restaurant that I loved, but figured I’d never get to experience again. But Jake found a place in Brentwood! It was called The Poke, and it was SO delicious! We finished the night with a stroll around Walmart. I bought a new Easter dress and we got some dessert-donuts and chocolate milk, of course. It was such a great night! Thank you to Mama Judy for keeping our crazy kiddos :).

Josie’s Ballet Recital

Josie’s ballet recital was on Saturday. She was SO excited. She loves ballet so much, as well as her wonderful ballet instructor. Her teacher hired me to do the “photo shoot” of all the little ballerinas beforehand, which was a blast. ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus, I was able to take some extras of my prissy ballerina.

We got there early to get ready, and Lindsey’s sis did Jo’s makeup while I was fixing Hannah’s hair-it takes a village. ๐Ÿ™‚


Then we went on down so I could start taking pictures. I used Josie as a guinea pig for my backdrop, and got a lot of pictures-she is a prissy, goofy, sweet girl. I love her so much, and I am still in disbelief that she has gotten so old!

And. She looks WAY too old in these pictures!!!

My friend Lindsey took one so I could have a pic with her, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

The whole recital was lovely. Jo’s teacher does a great job of always pointing the girls to Christ in all of their dance. All ย of the performances were set to music by Andrew Peterson that focused on the Resurrection. It was amazing to see how much the girls had improved in a year!

Josie, of course, is the tiniest dancer in all of these pictures.

Click here to watch the video!!

She also had quite a fan club to come see her!


She has really enjoyed all the sweet girls in her class this year-they have had a blast!

Happy Birthday, Nana!

Today is one of the most special days of the year-it’s my Nana’s birthday! And I don’t know about if you know her or not, but if you don’t…’re missing out. Because my Nana….she’s the best one. And she’s not justย my Nana. She is Nana to everyone she meets. There is no one in the world like her. She’s the reason I love Vandy sports (especially women’s basketball), camping at the lake, gravy on my biscuits, sweet tea, digging in the dirt, and long afternoons on the back porch. She’s the reason I can never say no to a snicker doodle. My Hello Kitty obsession in elementary school was fueled 100% by her. There is no one that gives hugs like my Nana. And, no one can make you feel more special on a holiday than her. She knows all my favorite foods (and the favorite foods of all 17 of the rest of us!) And will drop everything to cook them for me if I stop by unexpectedly. And her food? You NEVER say no to Nana’s cooking! Cooking is her love language, and we all love her love language! And the best part is, not only is sheย myย Nana. My kids have the greatest privilege in the world that she gets to beย their Nana, too! And you know how I said she is the BEST Nana in the world….well, it turns out she’s an even BETTER great-Nana! And I think my kids would agree. ๐Ÿ™‚

Nana, I love you so much- more than any words can express. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Spring Break

We’ve had a great week of Spring Break. It was a BEAUTIFUL week, weather wise.

Last weekend was pretty low key. Jack had a soccer game on Saturday, and afterwards he and Josie went home with Grammy and Pappy to play. While they did that, Jake and I went to Mama Judy’s to help her clean out her attic. Sunday was a church day.

Monday Jake had off of work so we had a slow and lazy morning. Then he did some chores while the kids and I started working on cleaning out the garden.

The kids were a BIG help. We didn’t get it all done, but we got a big chunk done before it was time for Jack’s soccer practice.

Tuesday my friend Lindsey and I had a girls’ day. We went to brunch at Milk and Honey in Nashville. It was DELICIOUS. Everything looked good, so we just got two plates and split it so we could try more things. ๐Ÿ™‚

We forgot to get even one picture of the two of us, but we so enjoyed our day! After brunch we went shopping- Dirt Cheap (SO fun), Old Navy, Walmart, and she introduced me to this cool coffee shop near her house for iced coffees. ๐Ÿ™‚ Grateful God has placed her in my life!

While we were out, the kiddos had a fun day with Nana. They spent most of it outside, climbing trees and helping Nana with yard work.


Tuesday night was an EXCITING one for Josie. She got to go to a Lucinda Williams concert at the Ryman with Shshr! She was so stoked to get to go, and they both had a blast.

Why does she look grown in these pictures?

While she was at the concert, Jack and I went to watch Jake’s soccer game. Jack’s favorite part is AFTER the game, so he can play on the field with his Daddy. ๐Ÿ™‚



Wednesday the kids and I went to the zoo with our good friends. It was ย BEAUTIFUL day, and a great day at the zoo.


I had promised Jack that over Spring Break we would go back to the indoor skate park. So Thursday was the day. We went right when it opened at 12, and the kids literally had the place to themselves for the first hour. And then after that it was only a few other people. They had a blast! And even better, they do a free session if you can show them a report card with all As and Bs…so it was totally free for our kiddos! ๐Ÿ™‚


After skate park, Jake had a soccer game. The kids and I completed the chore of switching out their clothes and trying on all the the things to see what still fit. Bleh. Long and laborious chore, but it gets easier each year as they get older.


Friday Jake had another day off work, so we finished cleaning out the garden and got it all planted! We planted a little earlier than normal this year, but the weather has been warm, and is supposed to stay that way. So we decided to take the risk. We planted lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, hot peppers, okra, corn, squash, zucchini, and 2 whole beds of cutting flowers. Zinnias, marigolds, and mixed pack. I’m excited about those flowers! We also planted a whole row of lavender down the fence row that we are hoping takes off.


Saturday Jack had a soccer game. He scored 1 goal, and his team won 4-2. Ta, Nana, Shshr, Everett, and Mama Judy all came to watch him, so we all went to eat at Wendy’s afterwards.

We came home and then the kids and I headed to Casey’s to drop off some stuff and the kiddos all ended up playing in the creek. ๐Ÿ™‚

After we got back, we rested a bit, and then Josie and Jake headed over to the farm while Jack and I did a couple of things around the house, like getting a couple of flower beds squared away.

Then we headed over to the farm, too. And we spent the night!! We wanted to go camping over Spring Break, and we decided the farm would be quick, easy, and fun. We’ve been talking about camping at the farm since we bought it, and it was a perfect night to do so-the weather was just right. We went on a hike before supper down to the bottom. The woods were BEAUTIFUL in the spring.

Towards sunset, we headed back to the barn and set up our tents and Jake got a fire going. We roasted hot dogs and made Ramen and s’mores for dinner. The kids were SO excited about the Ramen, LOL.

It ended up raining/storming during the night, but our new tents did great! We didn’t get wet a bit.

It cleared off in the morning, and we had Pop Tarts and hot chocolate for breakfast (breakfast of champions right there!), and then hiked around some more, and started marking some more trails in the woods.

When it looked like it was going to start raining again, we packed it up and headed back home. We all took naps, and then did some cleaning and laundry to get ready for the week ahead. Jake fried some yummy chicken for dinner, and we let the kiddos finish watching a movie they had started. ย It was a great way to end spring break.

It was a great week. A good break from the normal, and now the kids and I are ready to hit it hard again to get through the rest of the school year.