Long Weekending

This past weekend was a long weekend for the kids and I. Friday was Grandparents’ Day at school.

The kiddos were so excited that Nana and Grammy and Pappy and Mee-Maw all came to see them.

Friday night I babysat a couple of kids who just happen to be friends with our kiddos, so it was a fun play date night for the kiddos :).

Saturday was a super rainy day (again). Jack went to a play with Ta and Everett and Jackie-The Hungry Caterpillar. It was his birthday present from Ta and Tommy :). He had a blast! They all went with Tommy and Josh to Rainforest Cafe for lunch before the play.

While he was there, Jake, Josie, and I went to Wal-Mart so I could get some supplies for the overnight backpacking trip I am helping chaperone this weekend for the 11th graders at my school. I practiced walking around with my loaded bag.

My backpack is as big as me.

Jake and I have used this hiking trip I’m going on as an excuse to do something we’ve wanted to do for awhile-buy all the stuff we need to go on some overnight backpacking trips as a family. (And this is a GREAT time of year to buy that type of stuff because it is all on clearance!) The kiddos are SUPER pumped. So Sunday after church we all four loaded up our packs and headed over to the farm for a practice run. We hiked to the bottom and tried out our new water filter in the creek. Casey and her family were out riding their Ranger, so they came by so we could give them a tour of our farm.

After they left, we hung around the farm til dark, trying out our new camp stove. I cooked Ramen noodles and oatmeal for a snack, just to try it out, LOL. Jake split some wood, just because. It was a beautiful, great day.

Monday and Tuesday the kids and I had off from school. Our headmaster just gifted us all with some “days of rest” since we never had any snow days! Monday I was supposed to go to lunch/shopping with a friend, but she ended up getting sick, so I just hung around the house doing chores and such. It was really nice to get to sleep late both days! The kids spent three nights in a row in their tent, set up in Jack’s room.

Monday night Jack has his first soccer practice of the season. Seems like he is going to have a great coach this year!

Tuesday was another chore day. Jack ran 2 miles with me-every step!! Then the kids and went and watched Jake’s soccer team because they had a home game.

Of course the kids’ favorite part is playing on the field afterwards. By the end of the night, Jack had TWENTY THOUSAND steps!!!

It was a good long weekend, and nice to have a short school week. Tomorrow after school I will leave for a two night hiking trip with the 11th graders….and it is going to be COLD, after all the warmer weather we’ve had this week, of course. TN weather ?‍♀️.

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