This weekend was good, but too short. (always)

Friday night we decided to use some gift cards and went to O’Charley’s for dinner, and then headed over to Golly G’s for dessert…because why not? Sometimes random treats are needed.

Yesterday Mom and Dad came and met us at the farm to help us cut down some trees. We had to do some QUICK work with one, because it fell in the road and we had to get it out of the way of traffic. Mama Judy ended up coming by right as we were getting it out of the way, and she came back and helped, too, after she put her groceries up. 🙂

After we cleaned up most of the mess, we headed over to the other part of our farm to make a fire and grill some hot dogs for lunch. We also had some hot chocolate, coffee, roasted marshmallows and Mom’s chocolate pie!

After we ate, we showed Mom around the farm, because she had never been. Then the kiddos ended up going home with them to spend the night, because, of course. 🙂

Jake and I had a surprise date night, but we decided to have a date “in” and ordered pizza and rented a movie. 🙂 Today we went to church and then went shopping and tried a new seafood place….which ended up being kind of awkward and not very good. It was just not the atmosphere or kind of food we were expecting……but you never know until you try! And now we know.

The kiddos went to church with Grammy and Pappy, and then went to the last Vandy ball game with Nana and Shshr. Spoiled rotten, I tell you! 🙂



Now we are all home and I’m working on the mountain of laundry we’ve accumulated over the week. The weekends are always too short, for sure!

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