February Randomness

I didn’t do a lot of blogging in February, so this is just a random blog post for my memory purposes.

First of all it rained. A LOT. in February. Like, we broke records. And it didn’t snow. AT ALL. This is the first year in my memory of teaching that we haven’t had even one snow day. The upside to this is that we did have several spring-like temperature days. If it isn’t going to snow, I will take the warm temps!

Here are some other random things that happened in February:

Josie at church

Josie got some more hand-me-downs from a sweet family that has blessed us SO much in that realm. Like, I’ve seriously not bought Jo clothes for two years, and have 2 years worth of clothes waiting in totes! They are seriously amazing.


I am still enjoying my coffee routine. Just the act of making the coffee with my Aeropress is so relaxing to me. And I love a hot drink. Weird to me still, though, that I am a coffee drinker.

Jack playing a game

This boy loves video games. Snowboarding on the Wii is his current fave. Screen time limits at our house are important….because he would play all the time if he could!

Valentine’s Day happened. It is not a big affair at our house. But the kiddos had a fun day. Josie made an “architect’s desk” for her Valentine’s box for schools, and still wanted heart hair….I obliged. šŸ™‚ She picked Mad Libs Valentines to give her classmates. Jack picked Star War masks Valentines. šŸ™‚

The kiddos went to the PINK OUT Vandy game with Nana and Shshr and got treated with Cracker Barrel afterwards. These kids are spoiled rotten, I tell you!

date night-sushi at Ichiban

While they were there, Jake and I had a sushi date night….yum. It had been awhile.

Becca and Chris got a new puppy! We’ve all had fun getting to know her. šŸ™‚ She is definitely tiny and adorable.


Jack had his 8 year old well check. It’s official. He’s till tiny.


Claire came over to spend the night last Friday night after school. Josie doesn’t ask often, and it was a time where we could say yes…so we did! Then Saturday night we went to their house for dinner. Fun weekend. šŸ™‚

I’m glad it’s March. Because March is closer to spring! I’m over winter. I’m always over winter, though. Give me summer and warm temperatures and the lake any day!

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