Jack’s Birthday

Jack has had a GREAT birthday, well, WEEK. We started the celebration on the Saturday before his birthday. He wanted to do his birthday breakfast on Saturday so he could go to the donut shop and pick out his donuts, and so we wouldn’t have to rush before school.


After breakfast, we headed to his birthday surprise-an indoor skate park!! We went to Rocket Town in Nashville. They have kids only skate on Saturday mornings, so we thought it would be the perfect time for Jack to go for the first time. He LOVED it. He was in absolute heaven. He tried all his toys, but settled in on his scooter for the majority of the time. He skated HARD for 3 hours straight, and tried all the different ramps. Josie was more hesitant, but ended up having fun on her roller blades, too.


Click here to see him skate!

And here!

After we got done at the skate park, we got his requested Mexican food for lunch- he wanted a cheese quesadilla and cheese dip, and then we headed to Grammy and Pappy’s for the evening. They gave him a BB gun for his birthday! So of course he had to go try it out. 🙂


His actual birthday was on Monday, which was a school day. He requested regular oatmeal that he could “decorate” with toppings for his birthday breakfast, so that’s what he got! He also took donuts to share with his class at lunchtime. That night, Mee Maw cooked his requested birthday dinner: fried chicken, fried okra, sweet potatoes, and biscuits! She loves him, just a bit. 🙂


This Saturday was a day he had been counting down to for a LONG time. In lieu of a friend party, he decided that he just wanted to invite his two best friends, so that they could stay all day. So they got to our house about 10:30, and I didn’t take them home until after dinner. They had the BEST time, just playing and laughing, exploring, and watching a movie. They ate chicken wraps for lunch, had hot chocolate after exploring at the farm, and had for dinner had hamburgers with brownies and ice cream for dessert. All Jack’s ideas. It was his perfect play date. 🙂


I would say he has celebrated pretty hard! Happy Birthday Jack!!

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