Eight Years Old

Dear Jack,

Last night when I was tucking you in bed, you said, “I can’t believe my birthday has gotten here so quickly!” Well buddy, ME TOO. It literally seems like yesterday I was dropping you off at Nana’s in the mornings before school, and you were saying “My not know” and “Hers is my fwiend.” But bud, you are EIGHT years old. Eight always seems so big to me, because I think that is where most of my childhood memories start. Eight has seemed like a big deal to you, too. You have been more excited for this birthday than any other. Here’s some things I want to remember about you right now:

-You are tiny, tiny. The smallest one in your class by far. You have grown just a bit this year, because you have finally made it into size 6 clothes. You don’t let being small stop you from doing anything, though! And, being small doesn’t seem to bother you yet, which we are glad of.

-You are sweet and sensitive. You still cry when there are sad parts in movies. You love to cuddle. You hate to see anyone get in trouble. You don’t sleep with “sleeping buddies” anymore…but you still ALWAYS ask me to “pat-pat” you.

-You are a goober. We say, “Jack, stop making annoying sounds!” at least 1,000 times a week. You love to laugh, and you love to crack jokes, even though you are a TERRIBLE joke teller. You will do almost anything to make someone else laugh, though.

-Your best friend is Josie. Your favorite person, hands down, is Daddy. But you always want me at  bed time and if you are sick or hurt or sad.

-You are break-dance machine.

-You NEVER stop moving. You have more energy than any kid I know. You love to have “step contests” at the end of the day, and you almost always beat us all. You are on the go ALWAYS.

-You love to be outside. Some of your favorite things to do: make forts in the woods, dig in the dirt, climb trees, play basketball or soccer, run laps, ride your bike, roller blade, jump ramps on your scooter, hiking, exploring new places.

-Camping, hands down, your favorite place to be. You learned to kneeboard really well this year-you can even cross the wake!

-Some of your favorite indoor activities: BOARD GAMES, playing on the Switch or the Wii, playing make-believe with Josie, reading, snuggling, having family movie nights, playing “catch”, trains, cars

-Favorite movies/tv shows: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Ninja Turtles, Marvel Movies, Harry Potter

-You are reading so much better now than at this time last year! You are doing well in school. Your sloppy handwriting has been redeemed by learning cursive! Your cursive is SO much nicer than your print. You love your classmates. Your best friends are Finn and Bo. You still are in speech class, and you are on your second year of mandolin lessons.

-Favorite foods: Chinese food, donuts, Chic-Fil-A, sweet potatoes, sausage and biscuits, muffins, oatmeal, root beer, mandarin oranges, bagels with cream cheese, cinnamon rolls, fried chicken, fried okra. You also have a new found love for salad! You are good eater, and will try anything at least once.

As much as I wish I could, I can’t capture just what you’re like in a blog post. But you are awesome, and our family just wouldn’t be the same without you! We love you BIG, buddy. Happy birthday!!



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