Whew! What a week.

This week was a LONG week. It was COLD, and we had a “tease” of a couple of snow days that didn’t come. We started out the week with some fun, going to Golly G’s for a treat on Sunday night, just because.


And then, Monday morning, is where it started to go downhill a bit….Jack woke up with a fever, feeling crummy. He had blisters on his throat, so I assumed strep. He stayed home with Jake, and Jo and I headed to school. I left school early so I could take him to the doctor in the afternoon. Poor thing did NOT have strep….he had the flu. 🙁 He was one miserable dude on Monday. Tuesday, though, he did not have a fever, but was still not quite back to normal. He stayed home with Jake again, and I left school early again so Jake could go coach soccer. Wednesday it was my turn to stay home with the little man, and I spent the whole day getting him caught up on make up work and cleaning and disinfecting the house, top to bottom!

Thursday we all went to school together, and had a pretty normal day.

Friday we all went to school….and then Josie went down with a fever after chapel. :/ Jake was able to come get her, and so she went home for the day. I didn’t take her to the doctor, because after talking to her doctor, we assumed she probably had the same thing Jack did. She had fever all day Friday, and part of the day Saturday. Saturday was a beautiful day, and Jake and I took turns running some errands so Jo could rest on the couch.

Today was a BEAUTIFUL sunny, 64 degree day in February. You have to take advantage of days like that! Jake went to church while I stayed home with Jo. Jack went to church with Ta and Tommy and then went to a Vandy game with Shshr, Ta, and Everett.


After Jake got home from church, Josie, Jake, and I decided to go over to the farm for a picnic lunch. Josie was feeling much better, and we figured the fresh air would do her good. We roasted hot dogs  and sat by the fire, hiked a bit, and chopped up some logs that were across our path.

It was a great ending to a kind of not-great week.

Tonight we picked up yummy Greek food and watched the Super Bowl while getting ready for the week ahead. We are PRAYING that nobody else gets sick this week!

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