Snow Day

We had our first good snow of the year! It was just a little bit, but that didn’t stop us from making the best of it. We opted to stay home from church, because our road was a solid sheet of ice. After breakfast, the kiddos bundled up and headed outside. I, for one, am SO grateful that they are big enough to go outside on their own now! They went to the neighbor’s house to sled down their hill, ran around, made patterns in the snow, and even built and tiny snowman. Meanwhile, Jake and I stayed in the warmth. I drank some coffee and listened to one of my favorite sermons by Scott Patty, our pastor from Grace Community.

When they were finally cold enough to come in, I made them big mugs of homemade hot chocolate, and then we all spent the rest of today hanging out together, just being lazy. It has been a good day of rest, something we all needed.

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