Christmas Break

As much as we all love traveling, Christmas break is one of our favorite family vacations, because we just stay home and are lazy for 2 weeks. The kids and I are always off, of course, and Jake has traditionally always used vacation time to take off all the time we are off. However, the company he works for now completely shuts down for two weeks around Christmas and New Year’s, which is awesome!

This year has been no exception. We’ve had an awesome time just being together. There have been trips to the farm, lots of reading and playing games, lots of hot chocolate and movie watching. Sleeping late  Pajama days galore. The kids had a few days of “unlimited” screen time as part of their Christmas present- which was a very special treat for them! We’ve played all the new board games the kids got for Christmas. I got new coffee making stuff with my Christmas money and set up a coffee/hot chocolate bar in our kitchen.

We also always use this time to clean out our house and barn and make trips to Goodwill and the dump. The kids got rid of a ton of toys this year. I sorted some kiddo art and school work that I have been piling up for over a year. I cleaned out our junk drawer….something that was LONG overdue. It always feels good to get task off our list that have been on there for SO long.

It has been an awesome, much needed, restful break from our normal routine. Tomorrow, it’s back to reality for me. The kiddos and Jake still have another day off, and then the weekend. Grateful for this time we’ve had together to regroup and rest.

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