52 Books in a Year

This year I did a “52 books in a year” challenge. The list was interesting, and it stretched me to read books I wouldn’t have normally picked up. I am glad I did it. Here’s my list:

52 Books in a Year Challenge

52 Books in a Year Challenge page 2

I have 2 books not “checked” yet- Beowulf,  because I left my copy at school. I will get that tomorrow, and read it this weekend. Uncommon Type because I am still waiting on it from the library. I think it will be a fast read.

My top ten favorite books from this list:

To Kill a Mockingbird (No surprise, since it was one of my favorites in high school. It was better reading it as an adult, though.)

The Boys in the Boat (This was just really interesting to me.)

Dragon Teeth (I was surprised by how much I loved this one! I had never read anything by Chriton before.)

The Great Alone and Magic Hour (Kristin Hannah is for sure one of my favorite authors. These were both “can’t put it down” books.)

The Kite Runner  (A hard read, but I was really fascinated by reading about a different culture.)

Dark Matter (Really loved this one. May have to reread!)

Educated (Another hard read, but opened my eyes.)

The Vanishing American Adult (Really good read. Looking forward to reading another by him.)

Shoe Dog  (This one was just really interesting to me!)


My least favorite, and the hardest one to get through for me, was Grapes of Wrath. This surprised me, because I LOVED East of Eden  by Steinbeck. This was just SO slow, though.

Now I’m looking forward to my next challenge. 🙂

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