Halloween 2018

The kiddos have been planning their costumes this year since JULY. We watched Lord of the Rings this summer as a family, and they decided right away that they were going to be Legalos (Jo) and Gimli (Jack).

I have fun making their costumes every year, and I know that there will only be a few more years that they will want me to. So, last week we headed to Goodwill and Walmart for supplies:


A maxi dress (for cloaks), 2 women’s sweaters, a belt, some felt, some brown yarn, and a dowel rod. Not pictured: elf ears bought from Amazon. 🙂 About $20 total for the two costumes..not too bad!

Finished products:



They were SO excited with these finished costumes!

We went to trunk or treat at Mee-Maw’s church on Sunday night. Halloween this year is supposed to be stormy and rainy, so this will be our main trick-or-treating for the year. Here’s the picture overload of two very cute kiddos:


Josie wrapped her bow in yarn so it would look better. 🙂 She also did all the designs on her arm bracers herself! She was the most excited, though, about those ears.


Jack LOVED  this beard. He was very excited about it!


Trunk or treat was fun. Shshr came with us, and Ta, Tommy, Josh, Jackie and Everett were there. Chad and Lesa came by with the girls, too.


Happy Halloween!

Fall Break, Part 2

I know, I know. I’m behind in blogging. But here is the second part of our Fall Break. 🙂

We left Dale Hollow Dam on Tuesday and headed to Cumberland Mountain State Park. Mama Judy, Jennie,  and Liz and the kids stayed in a cabin, and we stayed in our camper (although we were at the cabin more than we were at our camper for sure). It was a fun trip, filled with LOTS of good food, lots of hiking and playing “volleyball four square” (a game we totally made up), and lots of card playing.

Tuesday, by the time we got there and set up, we didn’t have just a ton of time, but we did a short hike around the lake to get acquainted with our surroundings.

The dam at the lake is beautiful. It is the largest masonry project ever completed by the CCC.

The next day we took advantage of what was going to be the last really warm day and hiked around the whole lake, and then let the kiddos kayak in the lake.


Thursday we drove about 20 minutes away from the park to do a waterfall hike. It was a lot cooler this day than it had been (especially considering that Josie and Jack had been KNEEBOARDING on Monday!)

Slideshow-be sure to look at all the pictures:

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It was beautiful waterfall. You hiked down into a gorge, and then you could actually walk all the way around the waterfall! We stayed down there for awhile, just hanging out. The kiddos got close enough to get wet, of course. 🙂 That picture of Jack on the rock is one of my favorites!

After we got done hiking and left the waterfall, we headed back to the playground to play our new made up game some more:


We had so much fun with this silly game!

Friday we left the park again to go to another waterfall that was nearby. This actually had two different falls, but you hiked to the top of them rather than the bottom. They were beautiful, though. It was a chilly day to be hiking! Definitely felt like fall. 🙂

(Another slideshow):

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That afternoon we took the kids to the aviary in the park, played our VB game, and then Liz, Jake, all the kids, and I played an EPIC game of hide and seek in the dark. 🙂


Saturday was COLD, and we had to be off our spot by 12, so we didn’t stick around too long. It was a great trip, though!

Fall Break, Part 1

We just returned yesterday from a long week of camping for fall break. We left last Friday after school to go to Dale Hollow Dam. It was a beautiful weekend, warm and sunny. My parents were there, and Nana, and Ta and Tommy, and some other friends. Chad and the girls got there the night before we had to leave. We did a lot of relaxing, some reading, some biking, some playing, some antiquing, some movies watching, lots of good eating, and Jack did some fishing. Jack had a lot of fun playing with Brandon and Barrett, the kids of a friend of ours. On Monday we took our boat out on the lake, and it was so warm that the kids swam like fish and did some kneeboarding. Josie was SO excited to master a 360 on the kneeboard! We took our boat to the dock to get it winterized and went back out on Grammy and Pappy’s boat for awhile (after getting some ice cream, of course.) It was an awesome trip, and none of us were ready to leave on Tuesday (even though we were looking forward to the next part of our break, too!).


Click here to watch Josie’s 360!!



This past weekend was a good one. I finally didn’t have any photo shoots on Saturday, so I cleaned my house…something that has not been done very well since school started! I got all the laundry done AND put away, and even put my fall decorations out. 🙂

Then the kiddos and I went over to the farm to meet Jake, where he had been working on stuff for the day with our friend Josh. His wife and kiddos met us over there as well, and we played for awhile before heading back to our house for some dinner.

Lindsey and I are forever wearing the same clothes without meaning to!

Sunday after church we rested and took naps, and then Jake went to bush hog at the farm. The kids and I and Mama Judy met him over there after he finished so the kiddos could ride the 4 wheeler. We had a fire to burn some boxes, and it was nice just to sit around it for a bit :).

It was just a good, relaxing weekend. Just what we needed to gear up for the crazy week that this one has been! Only 2 more days until fall break!!