First Day of 2nd and 5th

Today was the first day of school for us, and it was a great day all around. The kids were so excited this morning….Josie was literally bouncing off the walls and twirling her way through the morning. She started FIFTH grade today. Yes, you heard me right….FIFTH. It literally seems like yesterday that she was starting kindergarten. She was SO excited about every aspect of it, though-getting to wear a skirt instead of a jumper (dress code changes when they enter 5th at our school), having a new teacher (that isn’t me!), having her first MALE teacher, seeing all her friends, etc. Jack was a little more nervous, but by the time we got to school, he was just as excited as Josie! He even told his music teacher today that his favorite part of summer was coming back to school-HA, the little suck-up!

She looks grown here. 

That missing tooth, though…

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