I’m a bit behind on blogging, but I didn’t want to forget this! 

Last week, from Wednesday- Saturday, we had 3 extra kiddos in our house so that their parents could go on a special trip. We were honored and happy to have them, and our kiddos were THRILLED- seriously the highlight of their summer! The oldest girl is a year older than Jo, the middle girl is a year older than Jack, and the youngest is three. 🙂 It rocked our world a little to have a toddler in the house, but she was hilarious, and we all survived! 

I kept our mornings busy, for my sanity, and to wear the toddler out so she would nap well. 🙂 

Thursday morning I loaded up all 5 kids, the oldest four’s bikes, and a jogging stroller for the littlest, all in the van (I borrowed their van for the week so I could transport everybody!) It was a bit of a puzzle, but where there’s a will, there’s a way! 🙂 We headed to the Springfield Greenway. We parked at the duck pond, and rode (well, the kids rode- I jogged) 2 miles to the other park, played for awhile, and rode back 2 miles- so 4 miles all together! The kids felt very accomplished to ride that far, and they did great- no complaints at all, even though it was HOT. 

They did so well, we all got a slushy on the way home. 🙂 

Wore this little girl out! 

All the bigs rested in the afternoon, too. They devoured our Calvin and Hobbes collection. 

This little girl loved “helping” me in the garden. 🙂

Friday morning we headed to the splash pad in White House, and then got lunch out at Wendy’s. It was a fun time, and a good way to spend the morning outside, because it stormed in the afternoon. 

Saturday morning everybody slept later (I think we were all worn out), and then I fixed a big pancake breakfast. Jake had some errands to run, so I took the kids over to park in Ridgetop. We had it all to ourselves, and they played forever and had a blast. I jogged a little bit, and then just sat on a bench and read my book while they played make believe. 🙂 Simple fun is the best. 

Saturday night our friends got back in town, and the girls were so happy to see their parents, but I think everyone was a little sad the fun week was over! 🙂 

Great memories. 🙂 This is what summers are for! 

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