Josie’s 1st Sleepover

We’ve always told Josie that when she turned 10, she could start having sleepovers. We’ve always just done “till bedtime” playdates instead of full blown sleepovers at our house (and she has only spent the night at one person’s house that wasn’t family). So, for her 10th birthday party, she decided to have her 1st sleepover! We let her invite 3 friends to spend the night. They got here around dinner time on Thursday, and left after lunch on Friday. They had a BLAST. I don’t plan a lot of activities for playdates. I provide favorite foods, and leave the kids to their own devices to come up with how they want to play…and they always MORE than fill their time with fun! 

(washing their feet)

We had chili and baked potatoes for dinner, at Josie’s request, and a hot fudge pudding cake with ice-cream for dessert. 

I had frozen strawberries to put in their pink lemonade….they thought that was SO special! (it doesn’t take much to impress kids…LOL)

They played “spa” and did foot baths with a “make your own bath bomb” kit one of the girls gave her.  Then they did mani/pedis on each other and did each other’s makeup and hair. 🙂

I had them turn lights out at midnight, and then they were up bright and early at 6:15 in the morning, of course. 🙂 They watched a movie, and spent the rest of the day playing hard. 

She was happy with how it went, and I was too- she has sweet friends. 🙂

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