Josie’s First Camp Experience

Well, Josie survived, and LOVED her first church camp experience! I picked her up around lunch time today, and she didn’t take a breath all the way home, telling me all about it. And then when we got home, she and Jack (who had SO missed his sister!) proceeded to play “camp” for the rest of the day. 🙂 So thankful for our sweet kids’ leaders at church who made this week possible for her. Camp is something I have such sweet memories of from my childhood, so I am so glad she is getting to experience something like it, too! 

Her leaders gave me some great pics of the week: 

She said archery was one of her favorite parts of the week! 

Our whole group from our church

She and her bunkmate. 🙂

“Alone time with God” 

She and her awesome counselor. 

So happy she got to do this! Now, I don’t expect her to wake up until about noon tomorrow, because she was SO tired by bedtime tonight! 🙂

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