Josie is TEN.

Baby girl, 

You are TEN years old today! Double digits! I cannot believe you are already this old. Seems like just yesterday you had those full, rosy cheeks and were calling yourself “Josie Faith Fentress Flower Lollipop.”

Now you are growing up so fast! Your personality is blossoming and we are getting more and more glimpses of what “grown up” Josie is going to be like. Your taste and likes/dislikes are getting more defined, and you are maturing in more ways than one. 

You love, love art. It is your passion. We are so very grateful for your art teacher, Mrs. Shumate, who has fueled your passion and allowed you and taught you how to develop and hone your talents. This year, with her help, one of your printmaking pieces won first place at the state TACS competition! You were so, so proud of yourself, and we were so proud of you! 

You found a new love this year, too- ballet. This was something you tried when you were little, but didn’t stay with it because you were eager to try all the things. But when JECA started offering after school ballet this year, you jumped at the chance! We are so glad you did, too, because you really love it as well, and are strong little dancer! So thankful for Mrs. Wilson, your dance teacher, for pouring so much of her time and passion for dance into your class. 

You are still contemplating baptism. You and your daddy and I had many conversations and devotionals this year, and you are just not quite ready to make that final step. You know all the answers, and you love God whole-heartedly, you are just not quite “there” yet…and that is okay! We are praying that you will accept Him as your Savior when the time is right. 

You are smart girl, and you love learning. You have a passion for stories, so you love Bible and history the most. You also really loved learning about botany this year. You do great in math (except for math fact drills), and you are good writer and excellent reader. This year you started reading for pleasure, a LOT. (Especially since you got my old Kindle!) You still have a lot of trouble with spelling, and we determined this year that you are a BIG time procrastinator. You also are absent-minded as can be. You had the unique experience this year of being in my class for the second year. That was a challenge for us BOTH. But we persevered, and we are both looking forward to you moving onto fifth grade. 🙂

You are a sweet, kind, and respectful young lady. You don’t like drama, and tend to enjoy playing with the boys more, just because you think they’re more fun (and less drama!). You have lots of friends at school, and you pretty much “fit in” with any crowd. Adults are always telling us how good you are- and they aren’t lying- you really are good. We are proud to call you our daughter, always. You are so good to your brother- you two are still best friends. You love your baby cousins, and you have decided this year that you like “babysitting” them. 

You still like to wear bows, and you will wear almost anything (but the more glitter and pizazz, the more you like it!) You sing all the time (still). You talk all the time (still). You are still contemplating either being an architect when you grow up, or a farmer (and have lots of “small” animals). Or both. You still love stuffed animals more than anything, and Peepers is still your ever-present sleeping buddy. It’s fun to see what “little” girl things are still hanging on, even as you are getting “bigger” and more mature every day. (You are still tiny- wearing size 7 clothes and the shortest in your class by far.)

These first 10 years with you, baby girl, have been amazing, and we wouldn’t trade them for anything. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring! 

Love you with all my heart, 


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