Jack’s Solo week

Jack was a little lost without his sister this week. They are generally attached at the hip, so he just didn’t quite know what to do with himself. We tried to make the week a little special for him, though. 

Monday he had to go to a photo shoot with me at Bicentennial Park…..so I also let him play in the fountains, and we followed it up with Happy Hour at Sonic. 🙂

Tuesday night I had another photo shoot, that just happened to be in the direction of Golly G’s, so Jake and Jack came with me and played around during the shoot, and then we went to Golly G’s for a treat. 

This silly boy NEVER chooses ice cream at Golly G’s….

Wednesday we had  “pajama” day, as Jack likes to call it. We didn’t have anywhere to go, so we had a lazy morning, and Jack wanted to cook us breakfast. I cooked some bacon and grits, and he cooked cinnamon toast and eggs. (He’s pretty handy in the kitchen!)

Thursday Jack got invited to his friend’s house, and then they went to see the movie Incredibles 2. Jack was SO excited! He wore his Incredibles shirt all day. 

He had a pretty good week, but he was OVERJOYED to see his sister today. (And I think she was pretty glad to see him, too.) 🙂 Love their sweet relationship. 

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