CA Day 8

This was our travel home day. We got up bright and early so we could do a couple of things before we headed to the airport. We left the hotel by 7, and headed south to San Francisco. 

We were glad we had gotten pictures of the bridge the other day, because it was deep in a fog bank on this morning! 

We went to Pier 39 and walked around a bit; saw the sea lions and saw Alcatraz from afar. 

Then we drove through San Francisco traffic, up some VERY steep roads (wow… the steepness!) to Twin Peaks to see the view of the whole city. Luckily, the fog had lifted a bit so we could actually see! 

After that, we headed to the airport. We got gas, turned our rental car in….and then got the notification from Southwest that our flight had been delayed. 😛 So we got a slow lunch at the airport, and settled in to hang out for a bit. Our flight ended up being delayed so much that we totally missed our 6:00 connecting flight in Denver. In fact, by the time we go to Denver, we only had time to grab a really quick bite to eat before boarding the 8:30 flight! 

Needless to say, our flight landed a LOT later than it was supposed to. Mama Judy was still so sweet to pick us up at midnight, and my parents let the kids spend the night one more night so they weren’t getting out so late. (The original plan had been for the kiddos just to come to the airport with Mama Judy, since they were already with her, and then just come home with us). We finally picked up the kiddos at lunch time on Sunday, after they went to church with Grammy and Pappy. (We slept until almost lunchtime on Sunday, after not getting to bed until after 2:00 on Saturday night/Sunday morning!) It was so good to see them!! We had missed them. (Not sure how much they missed us, lol-they love all their grandparents so much!)

It was such a wonderful trip, and we were so, so thankful and blessed to be able to do it. 🙂

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