CA Day 6

On this morning we stayed in the bed longer than we had been, watched tv, and even ate our breakfast in bed. :). 

Then we headed up the road about an hour and a half to Albion and checked into our hotel, which was actually our own little private cabin with the most amazing view. 

On the way, we detoured to see the lighthouse at Point Arena: 

Our cabin:

Our view!!!

After we got settled in, we drove as far north as we were going on Hwy 1 to Fort Bragg. We ate lunch at a Mayan Fusion place (which basically still  counted as Mexican for lunch, lol). 

After lunch we drove right up the road to Glass Beach. It is called that because once upon a time there was a lot of sea glass on the beach (left from a dump that was there a long time ago), but at this point people have collected so much of the glass that there really isn’t much to see. However, we saw a whale! So that made it totally worth it. 🙂

The rest of the afternoon was spent at our cabin, reading and being totally lazy with our amazing view of the ocean. At dinner time we headed right back up the road to Mendocino (such a cute little town) to a pizza and ice cream place called Frankie’s. We ate our pizza there, but got milkshakes to go and went to an overlook to drink our milkshakes and watch the sunset. It was beautiful. 

Thee rest of the night was spent being lazy in our little cabin. 🙂 It was a good, relaxing day. 

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