CA Day 4

On this morning we woke up early again (thanks, time change), ate breakfast, and then went and rented bikes for a couple of hours. Monterey has a great bike trail through the city and by the coast. We stuck mainly to the coast, and it was beautiful, of course. We saw some sea otters, some of the coastal neighborhoods, a mama deer and a fawn, a light house, and a golf course. 

Monterey Bay-you can see Santa Cruz on the other side

After we got done riding, we checked out and headed about an hour up the coast to Santa Cruz. We broke our Mexican for lunch streak and ate at a local burger chain called Betty Burger. It was DELICIOUS. Burgers were awesome, and the onion rings were even better. 

After lunch we went and checked into our hotel-The Dream Inn. This is by FAR the best place we’ve stayed. So cute and “beachy” themed inside, and it is actually ON the beach, with a great pool, hot tub, and not busy beach front. We spent the afternoon on the beach/pool deck, just relaxing. 

The hotel was the cutest. They totally did up the 70s beach theme. 

Our view from the balcony. 

When we’d had our fill of the beach, we walked right up the road to the boardwalk. So much cheesy, so much fun. We even rode this historic roller payer called the Giant Dipper-SO MUCH FUN. After the boardwalk, we strolled down the wharf and watched the boats and saw some more seals. 

We decided to just walk to dinner. We had sushi, and it was great-the freshest sushi I’ve ever put in my mouth. 

After dinner we walked to Trader Joe’s for breakfast supplies. Then we got dessert at the Pacific Cookie Company-yum. The only thing we would have changed was maybe not walking to dinner, because we did not feel exactly comfortable/safe walking back. We made it, though. 🙂 

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