CA Day 3

On this morning we got up early (this wasn’t hard to do, because the time change had us waking up early without trying.) We went for a short jog on the boardwalk- complete with sweat shirts because it was CHILLY. Then we got ready and packed, ate breakfast at the hotel, and hit the road north. 

We had to detour off Hwy 1 because of road closures in Big Sur. So instead we drove through beautiful, rounded, grass-covered mountains and farmland and a lot of wine country. 

We joined back up with Hwy 1 in Monterey, and then drove south into Big Sur. The views were breathtaking. We saw ocean views and got our first glimpse of some redwoods. The clouds were above the ocean line, and it just made for some amazing sights on the windy, curvy, cliff side roads. 

(Bixby Bridge)

We got lunch at a little cafe (nachos, continuing our Mexican for lunch theme), and then went to Pfeiffer State Beach. (Note about this beach- we went right after lunch, and the parking lot was full, so they turned us away. We drove around looking at the sights some more, came back about 30 minutes later, and got right in. And it was definitely worth the wait!) 

The sand was purple! 

Man, it was GORGEOUS. We probably would have stayed for hours, but the wind was so bad,  that it kept blowing sand everywhere. We had sand in every single crevice before we finally left. 

After that we headed back up to Monterey to find our hotel. I took a shower to get all the sand off, and then we walked to dinner at this little Hawaiian food place-it was different, but really good. Kind of like sushi rolls all mixed up in a bowl together. 

After dinner, we walked Cannery Row (which reminded us a lot of Gatlinburg), stopping at lots of little shops and getting dessert at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop.

 Then we headed back to the hotel, because I was getting cold! I realized on this day that I hadn’t been hot a single moment in California- I was either comfortable, or a bit chilly! 

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