CA Day 2

This was a FULL day, but a great one, full of some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen! 

After a workout in the hotel weight room and some breakfast at the hotel, we packed up and headed north to Cambria. It was a very foggy drive in the morning. We started seeing more and more vegetation. It was definitely less “deserty.” We finally got out of the fog bank and we drove through some mountains and lots of farmland- even caught our first glimpse of some vineyards. 

We drove through Pismo Beach, but decided not to stop because they were having an antique car show, so it was SO crowded. We could see just from driving through that it was very touristy, though. 

Our next stop was at Morro Bay State Park- we could tell that it is normally a beautiful view, but it was too foggy to see much. 

We left the state park and got some very legit Mexican food for lunch.

 After lunch, we went to Morro Rock, which used to be a volcano. We went down to the beach to get some pictures, and officially put our feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time. It was COLD. 

After we got a good long walk in, we headed to Cambria to find our next hotel. The fog was still making it a bit hard to see anything, but after we got all checked in, we headed up the road to Hearst Castle, and decided it wasn’t worth the money for the tour. (We determined it was basically the Biltmore of CA.) Then we went to see the coolest thing we’d seen so far-elephant seals on the beach! It was so much fun just to watch them. 

These were two bulls out in the waves, fighting. 

And, finally the fog started to clear, so we got to see some beautiful views. After the seal watching, we drove as far as we could up Ragged Point. After that, the road was closed because of a mud slide, so we were going to have to drive off Hwy 1, around the road closure the next day.  Ragged Point is called the place with the “million dollar views,” and it for sure did not disappoint. We even went on a short hike to a waterfall.  We think we even saw a whale in the water at one point! 

The road was RIGHT on the side of the cliff down to the ocean!

Dinner was at a little place in Cambria. Interesting fact-Cambria allows no “chains”-hotels or restaurants. After dinner we went back to our hotel and jumped in the hot tub a bit, then went down to the beach to walk and watch the sunset. It was going to be awesome…..until another HUGE fog bank rolled in before we could see the sunset. It was still peaceful on the beach, though. And we got some cool pictures.  

We didn’t linger too long, though, because it was CHILLY! Another interesting fact- a lot of our hotels didn’t even have air conditioning…and they didn’t need them! We just opened the window. 

It was a great second day. 

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