CA Day 1

This morning we flew out of Nashville at about 8:30. Mama Judy took us to the airport, and the kiddos had spent the night with Grammy and Pappy. They were over the moon excited to be getting to spend SEVERAL nights in a row with Grammy and Pappy!!

The flight was good, about 4 hours long. We flew into LA, picked up our rental car, and headed over to Highway 1 to officially start our road trip. LA traffic is the WORST. But it was totally worth it to catch our first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean! We had a pretty long drive today, because we were staying in Goleta, right outside of Santa Barbara. But the drive was awesome-beautiful breathtaking views of the oceans and the mountains. We drove through Malibu, Santa Monica, and Santa Barbara. We didn’t stop at any of the beaches today (they were really crowded with it being Saturday), but we did find a great burrito shop for lunch, and took a detour through a Malibu neighborhood, just for kicks. All the vegetation and flowers planted in everyone’s yards was amazingly beautiful. You couldn’t even see the houses for all the plants! 

We finally got to our hotel, and I took a nap because it had been a LONG day of travel, and then we walked down the street  and went to a Trader Joe’s for some road trip snacks, and went to a yummy little Thai place for dinner. Then we went back to our room to just be lazy for the rest of the night :). It was a great first day of the trip. 

I wish I had taken more pictures of this first day, but there was just a LOT to take in! LA and Malibu really did have the white sand beaches that you always hear about, and palm trees everywhere. They were very “deserty,” but the expensive houses had tons of lush landscaping.  We were also amazed by the temperature-here it was absolutely perfect. Not hot, not cold, and not one bit of humidity-a BIG change from TN, that’s for sure! 

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